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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


well i guess my little daschund friend, bailey, was especially hungry (and brilliant as per usual) today. e (my mom) called to tell me what she saw upon coming home from work today:
  • plastic bag on carpet in entryway of house
  • no dog barking or jumping down from the bed upstairs to greet her
  • dog coming around the corner looking as though she has been up to something
thus, e walked around the house looking for what mischief the little dog had gotten into... (here is where her brilliance rings true). bailey had gone into the open pantry and found a doggie bone inside aforementioned plastic bag. when e found bailey, she (bailey) was attempting to put the bone back in the bag, yet managed to get the bag stuck on her nose/head. had e not discovered her quickly, who knows what could have happened...