Thursday, August 17, 2017

tropical state of mind

is it just me, or has summer seemingly flown
by? i swear the beginning of june was just yesterday!
working, traveling, babysitting, blogging,
and spending time with family and friends keeps
a girl busy. i am ready to rewind and simply enjoy
a few extra weeks (or months) of sunshine.
have you kept busy, too?
disclosure: shop stevie with candace and katie graciously provided me with
the dress pictured in this post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

my favorite part of summer fashion? the bold,
colorful prints! this 'aloha' leaf print dress, by shop stevie
is no exception. i love the mix of red and green, 
a combination not typical of summer;
however, the vibrant colors compliment one another. 
the black background of this print
made the dress easy to style with open-toed
mules and a chic, black and white clutch.
the bell sleeves on this dress are also a fun addition.

the modest length and style of this dress
make it the perfect summer piece for a variety of
occasions. wear it to work with mules or ballet
flats, or to the beach with flip flops. you can
easily dress this look up with heels and a
necklace or other accessories. wherever your summer
plans take you, this dress will keep you feeling
cool and looking stylish!
next up on the summer to do list?
moving, moving, moving.
i don't know if there is anything worse?
between the purging and the packing, 
my bedroom and closet are a nightmare.
i am grateful for effortless outfits like this
that require little brain power (or accessories 
since the majority of my jewelry, jackets, and purses
are currently in trash bags in my living  room). 

once i am settled in my new place, 
however, i plan to celebrate the end of summer
with another trip to my cabin, walks around the 
lake, and as much ice cream as i can handle!

clutch and rings: forever 21, mules: tj maxx,
bangles: urban outfitters

'i hope that every woman wearing my pieces,
young or old, will feel beautiful and confident
about themselves.'
founder and owner, stevie henderson

as a special treat, candace and katie of shop stevie
have graciously offered my readers ten percent
off your order! simply use the discount code,
'MEGAN10' at checkout. i am lusting after 
these adorable booties and this dress for fall. 
happy shopping, everyone!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

how i relieve stress (without spending money)

since college, my health and fitness routine
have become increasingly important. while it takes
time to build healthy habits, i cannot tell you how
much of a difference i notice in my overall health, skin,
energy and stress levels when i skip the gym. for the 
past several months, i have worked to 'up my fitness game'
by running and completing other outdoor workouts!
being active (and burning those calories)
is much more enjoyable when outside, right?
disclosure: brooks running graciously provided me with the shirt, 
tights, and shoes featured in this post; ailihen provided me with the headphones. 
i am grateful for the opportunity to support and collaborate with these brands! 
all opinions are my own.

after reading fellow blogger, bailey's post from 
hot dress hot mess, i thought it would be fun to share
a few ways in which i relieve stress without
breaking my bank account. a bit of retail therapy can
truly work wonders (trust me, i've done this!), and
a sweet treat can be equally helpful (a cupcake? okay!),
but there are other great ways to reduce stress while
keeping the rest of your body healthy. 

go for a walk
a simple walk outside can do amazing things
for your health! take a deep breath, bundle up if 
necessary, and head outside. whether you walk one
mile or five, you are sure to feel better after
walking. this not only helps relieve stress, but
can quickly add steps to your fitness tracker without
exhausting your body.

call someone who cares about you
'hi mom, it's me... again...'
my mom is usually number one on my call list,
but i greatly appreciate chatting with my
 boyfriend and dear girlfriends when i am stressed. 
having someone listen to and support me feels
greatly reassuring; feedback is always appreciated 
over here, too!
listen to a power playlist
loud music (quiet music, too) can
be a great way to get motivated and feel
inspired. mumford & sons, the lumineers, 
adele, sia, mat kearney, and kesha are among
my current favorites! do you have a favorite
song or playlist that helps you relax?
or get moving?

be present
take five minutes to just be... just be in the moment
...listen to your breathing
...relax your mind
...stretch your neck, back, and arms
and just be...

'run happy' t-shirt: c/o brooks (exact here), 
go-to running tights: c/o brooks (exact here),
revel running shoe: c/o brooks (exact here), 
headphones: c/o ailihen (exact here)

drink a cup of tea
i keep a basket of various teas in my 
kitchen. a warm cup of tea with honey can be
incredibly soothing. cuddle up with your
favorite mug, a soft blanket, and simply relax!

paint your nails
a trip to the local nail salon is
enjoyable, but the cost can add up (i may or
may not be addicted to shellac manicures as of 
late). i have found that painting my nails at home
can be equally therapeutic. put on some relaxing 
music, grab your polish of choice, and paint!

how do you typically relieve stress? 
let me know in the comments!

p.s. if you haven't already done so, be sure to 
check out fellow blogger, bailey's post, 'how to feel
confident without spending money' here.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

summertime office attire

getting dressed for work during the
summer months is the ultimate balancing act;
  you want to wear summer tops, skirts, and
dresses, but they may be too casual in a
corporate setting. or perhaps your
office is overly air-conditioned (like mine!),
and you freeze when wearing light-weight pieces.
either way, i find it takes much longer
to find something to wear (and ensure i have
enough layers) during the work week.
i usually prefer skirts and dresses. 
i have more dresses than pants, and i like to
look both feminine and polished. however, there
are days (particularly when i am overly tired or the 
weather is less than ideal) where i would rather dress 
casually. bring on the denim!
unfortunately, i can only wear blue denim on fridays
 per our office dress code. i have
sought to find slacks, dress pants, and other
bottoms that are professional, yet age appropriate.
culottes are the perfect solution!
the green culottes i am wearing today feel
like denim; they are soft and stretchy, but provide
some structure (unlike a cotton culotte). this
particular pair is high waisted which allows
blouses and other tops to be easily tucked in.
when commuting to and from work,
i carry a tote bag or large purse. the more room,
the better! i pack a snack, lunch items, my
wallet, several chapsticks, and a water bottle;
i often look and feel like a 'bag-lady.'
however, when meeting up with a friend for
coffee post-work, i don't want to lug around a
large bag. this adorable pizza purse
added color and excitement to my otherwise
neutral outfit.

have you seen the cute
creature, fruit, and other fun-shaped handbags?
i often browse the girls' department
at zara, nordstrom, and j.crew because they
have the most adorable (and affordable) accessories!
my pizza purse was recently on sale at zara.
i initially felt a bit silly when carrying it to a
restaurant, but it was too fun to leave at home.
photos by karya schanilec photography

t-shirt: gap (exact here),
culottes: gap (on sale for $10; similar here),
purse: zara, mules: consignmnet (via serendipity),
bracelets: urban outfitters and alex and ani,
rings: endless knot

what do you typically wear during the
work week? is your office on the casual side?
i am always looking for style tips!