Tuesday, May 26, 2015

back to work

^^^ don't mind all the garbage in our alley! ^^^
dress and necklace: loft, denim blazer: thrifted, shoes: tj maxx, 
hair pin: nordstrom

saying goodbye to a long weekend is never an easy task.
waking up without an alarm,
sipping on coffee all morning, 
going a full 24 hours without a shower or makeup,
afternoon naps, 
and so much delicious food - 
who wants that to be over? not me, not me!

i spent the early part of the weekend 
recovering from the longest lasting cold.
i may or may not have gone through 3-4 boxes of kleenex
as of late - my poor nose was raw.
i drank copious amounts of tea and water, 
and slept to my heart's content.
alas, i am feeling better! 

we celebrated the marriage of two very close 
friends on sunday. the ceremony and reception
could not have been more beautiful;
we feel so grateful to have been included! 
anna and erik, we love you! 

back to work this morning.
i thought i would share a simple, professional outfit - 
one you can throw on with very little thought or effort.
dress + jacket + accessories and you are ready to go.
happy tuesday everyone, and may your day go by quickly.

Monday, May 25, 2015

the vintage series // day 6

dress: vintage a la mode, belt: thrifted, booties: urban outfitters,
hair pin: anthropologie

the last day of my vintage series! 
i wanted to share this lilac, floral dress, purchased at 'vintage a la mode'
located across the street from pike place.
this skirt, also part of the series, is from there, too!

i have loved sharing some of my favorite thrifted items,
as they comprise a large portion of my wardrobe.
my mom has frequently told me that 'i was 
born in the wrong era' - and perhaps there is some validity 
to that statement. 
i am seemingly drawn to vintage clothing, accessories, decor, etc.

were you a fan of this series? 
i would love to do something similar again soon!
p.s. if you live in the seattle area, be sure to check out the new store, 
'vintage a la mode!'

Sunday, May 24, 2015

the vintage series // day 5 - accessories!

vintage necklace via goodwill ($6.99)
vintage 'mootsies tootsies' booties via value village ($25.99)
vintage 'cartier' bag via estate sale ($50)

hi there! long time, no blogging!
life has been a bit busy the past week (or more?) with homework, 
school, the longest-lasting cold EVER, 
and spending time with friends and family. 

i took some time away to brainstorm a few fun blog ideas
that i hope to share with you soon! 

continuing with the vintage series - 
when consignment shopping, i sometimes forget to 
look at the copious accessories (shoes, jewelry, belts, bags, etc.)
that stores have to offer. big mistake! 
some of my favorite vintage finds are the 
accessories i have purchased. 
i have styled my 'cowboy-like' booties a few times on this little blog.
the cartier bag is something 
i found at an estate sale on capitol hill a few weekends ago.
i am excited to style it for you very soon! 

a few other favorites?
have you found any treasures recently while thrifting?
let me know in the comments below,
and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!