Thursday, November 20, 2014

fashion blogger brunch

^^^ this made me incredibly happy - i felt so official having my blog name written out 
on my placecard; i couldn't help but smile ^^^
^^^ the gorgeous table setting for the seattle fashion blogger brunch ^^^
^^^ the brunch was hosted by motif at frolik ^^^
^^^ perhaps my favorite part of the event - the delicious food! ^^^
^^^ i may or may not have wanted to lick that yogurt parfait glass clean
upon finishing. ^^^
meet my new blogger girlfriends, jess of fresh jess
and natasha of the chic curve.

i had a wonderful time at this event
and hope to see these fellow fashion bloggers again very soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

all bundled up

scarf: american eagle, flannel & boots: thrifted, 
leggings: american apparel, jacket: gap (very old), bag: c/o filson

pictured above: me during my morning trek to work.

it seems winter arrived early,
and along with it, the freezing seattle temperatures
(perhaps not freezing, exactly. but still cold).
i bundle up (with layers upon layers) for my daily walk to work.
by the time i arrive at work, i am absolutely roasting. 
 this cozy scarf and down jacket keep me quite warm!

dress warm out there seattle friends!

Monday, November 17, 2014

decisions, decisions

with my recent move, 
i somehow managed to lose both pairs of glasses i own. 
thus, for the past two months, i have gone without. 
and let me tell you,
there are days i question my vision, 
my ability to read, 
and my overall sanity. 
what was i thinking waiting this long to replace them?
and then, two letters came to mind: WP.
^^^ warby parker ^^^

i decided to take advantage of WP's free at home try-on.
i chose my five favorite frames, 
and three days later, the frames were in my mailbox.
the process is free, quick, and simple! 

the only difficult part is deciding which pair of eyeglasses i want to order.
and for that, i need your help.
^^^ a, b or c? ^^^

when choosing which frames to order online, option c 
(pictured above) was my favorite. 
however, in person, the majority of my family and friends prefer both a and b.

what's your vote?
let me know in the comments below!

new hair, new hair!

last week i had the pleasure of visiting SEVEN the salon at their bellevue location. 
i had an appointment with kat, SEVEN hair guru. 
kat has been styling hair for almost eight years;
she is magic, let me tell you. 

when i arrived at the salon, my only thoughts were:
"i need a cut, color, and possibly a leave-in conditioner to manage
all these nasty tangles!"
i left SEVEN with what feels like a completely new head of hair!
^^^ before & after (with kat) ^^^
^^^ the back. i didn't even know my hair could look like that! ^^^

kat came prepared with a plan for my hair:
new layers, brighter colors, yet warmer // darker for fall,
more volume, and shine! 
she was hoping i would go for bangs, 
but this girl was too nervous. 

prior to my appointment, my hair was incredibly light due 
to repeated balayage treatments. 
i love the blonde, but agreed with kat - time for something new.
^^^ working her magic ^^^

welcome new warm, dark and shiny locks!
throughout my appointment, kat explained the purpose behind 
each of her movements.
for example, drying hair at the angle pictured above will 
provide my hair with more volume. 
in addition, using a round brush will add both volume and shine.
kat also taught me several tricks for styling my hair,
especially with the approaching holidays. 

i have a special post to share some of these tricks with you! 
please stay tuned.

**this is a sponsored post. of course, all opinions are my own! 
for more information about SEVEN, or to book an appointment, 
visit their website here.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

new little poncho

poncho: indie frock, jeans: j brand, flats: dsw, bracelets: forever 21

i purchased this poncho late last summer
and had every intention of styling it with denim shorts, sandals, 
and some bright accessories. 
well here we are in the middle of november;
alas i am sharing this pretty thrifted poncho on my blog.
i love the bright colors, 
bold print, and carpet-like fringe. 
hello, hippie! 

are you a fan of the poncho?
how would you style this?

sunday pinspiration

just a few fun, but inspiring photos for your sunday.
and you know those little dachshund sheets are absolutely 
on this girl's holiday wish list. 
happy sunday, everyone! 

Friday, November 14, 2014


earlier this week, i had the pleasure of attending the "wear wednesdays fashion socials,"
hosted by the w seattle hotel.
this weeks featured designer was m dot design studio.
^^^ a few of my favorites from the event,
including a photo with m dot designer, michelle aquino ^^^

m dot clothing and jewelry is of high quality, sustainable,
and made locally in the LA design studio.
clothing is all hand sewn, and thus, absolutely gorgeous.
there was a magnificent gold cuff and purple fitness // yoga bag that 
i wish could have come home with me!

until next time m dot,

for more information, and to see the m dot design studio blog, 
please visit here.