Tuesday, September 19, 2017

white after labor day :: fashion faux pas?

wearing white after labor day; a fashion faux pas?
i know, i know, people often say wearing
white after labor day breaks one of the
cardinal rules of fashion. the same could be said for
pairing navy and black or black and brown. however, i think 
these colors compliment one another. similarly, i 
refuse to put away all my whites come september! 

while this particular white floral dress is
truly indicative of 'summer fashion,' i have white pants, 
a white sleeveless top, and other white/light
clothing pieces that i am not ready
to part with. wearing white after labor day
is more than okay, and incorporating white with
darker colors can be a great way to transition your
wardrobe from summer to fall. 
do you typically wear white after labor
day? if so, how do you style your favorite 
white pieces? 

i do have a small confession...
part of the reason this post has such a prominent
summer theme is because these photos
were taken almost a month ago.
sometimes life happens and your schedule
prevents you from posting as often as you'd like.
however, i couldn't not share these photos,
as i love this dress and am eager to wear
it again next spring and summer!
photos by jenn from hello rigby

dress: billabong (similar here; exact print, romper style here),
sandals: kohl's, purse: forever 21, bracelets: alex & ani

these photos were taken shortly after 
changing my hair color! this is very close
to my natural color (with some highlights). i have
had blonde balayage for two years and
was looking for a change. with fall fast approaching,
i thought a warmer color (with less maintenance) 
would be fun! my very dry, brittle
ends appreciate the lack of bleach, too!
^^^ loving the brown! ^^^

i rounded up a few white clothing pieces and
accessories that can easily transition from 
season to season (all are under $100, too!):
jeans / clutch / blouse 

happy fall, everyone!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

how to wear shorts in the fall

i know i have said this before, but summer
is my favorite season! there is something special about
the bustling city - people out walking, biking,
and enjoying time on the water; farmers markets;
traveling to our family cabin; of course, summer
fashion can be a great deal of fun, too! 

although fall has begun to make an appearance
in seattle, i am determined to hang on to some of
my favorite summer clothing items. i am not ready
to put my sandals and shorts away. just
hang in there, summer. i need a few more days weeks
of sun (and i have a few outfits i would like to wear)!
disclosure: asa of lace and pearls jewelry graciously lent me the necklace
i am wearing in today's photos. i am thrilled to support my dear
friend and talented business owner! as per usual, all opinions are my own.

despite my pleading, i think fall weather is
around the corner; while i love jewel tones, knits
and layering, and anything plaid, i am determined
to re-style a few of my favorite summer pieces
in the coming weeks. first up?
these adorable floral shorts from zara!

shorts are an essential in every woman's summer
wardrobe. after labor day, i typically pack up
my shorts and exchange them for leggings,
jeans, and other cool-weather styles, but not this year!
here are a few simple ways you can wear shorts in the fall:

1. add tights
black, grey, colorful or patterned tights are a quick 
and easy way to add warmth and excitement to your
outfit (i.e. your shorts).

2. grab heels or booties
looking to dress up a pair of black shorts
(while also making your legs appear longer)?
heels can do this! booties are a casual alternative 
and pair perfect with any fall look.

3. add a blazer or structured jacket
i recently pulled out my navy, denim, and black
blazers. i have a green bomber jacket from last
season that will pair well with casual shorts (such
as the floral pair i am wearing today). 
a structured jacket of any color, fabric, or 
print will go well with darker-colored shorts.

4. grab a chunky sweater
your favorite knit sweater? structured
shorts with booties (or tights and ballet flats)
are a fun way to style shorts in cooler weather.

top: tj maxx, shorts: zara (exact here),
rings: forever 21, purse: nordstrom, 
flats: madewell, necklace: c/o lace and pearls jewelry

earlier this week, i spoke of my passion for
supporting local business owners and creatives.
today, i am thrilled to be wearing one of my dear
friends' designs, (and fellow blogger, asa of lace and pearls)
'lace and pearls jewelry.' asa and i have been
friends for more than two years, and i have to say, she is 
one of the sweetest and most hard-working women
i know! she juggles a full-time job, blogs,
and maintains her beautiful social media platforms.
recently, asa also began making jewelry.

asa's designs are handmade, and each piece
is crafted with exquisite detail and care. i am wearing
 the lariot pendant necklace, and i cannot wait
to style it with other tops and dresses.
asa's website will be launch soon, but in the
meantime, be sure to follow along here for updates
and new designs!

do you wear shorts in the fall?
if so, how do you style them?

Monday, September 11, 2017

shop local with morning siren

happy monday, everyone!
how is it that, without fail, the work
week seemingly drags on, and the weekend flies by? 
can we somehow reverse this, please? 
i could surely benefit from a few extra hours of sleep
and an additional day (or two) spent brunching, 
exploring, and visiting with family and friends.
what do you think? #amiright
one of the things i have come to
appreciate about my city (seattle), is the 
amount of raw talent we have. whether jewelry and fashion, 
or home decor and other art forms, the vast skills our 
designers and creatives possess are truly inspiring! 
i often find myself in awe when browsing 
urban craft fairs, online marketplaces, and various
instagram profiles. teach me your ways?!

i strive to 'shop local' whenever i can
to support seattle creatives. i enjoy purchasing from
and spreading the word about these talented individuals, 
both on my blog and social media channels. 
the quality and creativity you are likely to receive when 
purchasing from a local designer is unparalleled 
(i.e. you won't show up to an event wearing the 
same dress as another guest).
'style changes your mood, and your mood
isn't the same everyday.'
--kaitlin, founder of morning siren

today, i would like to introduce 
seattle designer, kaitlin uemura
of morning siren. i recently met kaitlin 
at the front desk when getting a hair cut at
her talents are diverse -- fashion design,
sewing, hair, business, etc. kaitlin was born and raised 
in hawaii, but moved to seattle, washington a few 
years ago to pursue her design dreams!

i am styling kaitlin's reversible zip vest.
it is chambray on one side and hawaiian-print
on the other (the print reminds me of a dress
my mom purchased on a trip to hawaii several
years ago). the exposed
gold zipper is sewn at an angle, giving the
vest a unique, edgy vibe. i paired it
with a cropped black top and my favorite
patchwork jeans. a simple metallic clutch and black 
mules completed my outfit.

kaitlin is both talented and incredibly sweet!
i am lusting after several of her pencil skirts
and bodycon dresses. you can find my vest, 
as well as several other styles, handmade by kaitlin
here; and of course, follow along for new
styles (fall fashion is in full swing, ladies)
via instagram.
photos by jenn from hello rigby

vest: c/o morning siren (borrowed); top: zara,
jeans: holding horses (thrifted via seattle goodwill), 
mules: tj maxx, bracelets: target,
clutch (cosmetic bag used as a clutch): tj maxx

who are some of your favorite designers?
if any are local to seattle, please let me know!
i know i am biased, but our city is 
pretty incredible!