Wednesday, August 20, 2014

some much needed pinspiration

things have been a little bit crazy around here as of late.
it all starts with one letter, too: d for d-r-a-m-a.
being a 20-something girl, i have multiple roommates,
bills to pay, a budget (i sometimes try to stick to), 
school to finish, and a job that keeps me busy.
when drama (or stress) are added to the mix, 
it can be incredibly frustrating. 
for some reason, i have recently found myself getting 
more frustrated, stressed, and angrier than usual -
what is going on?
to help alleviate the stress, i scrubbed my house, mowed the lawn, 
bleached my bathroom, 
ran like a fiend, and ate a lot of treats. 
but this time? it isn't really helping.
i know i need to sit back, take a deep breath and remember 
"everything is going to be okay."

above are a few inspirational messages that often help me
when i feel stressed or overwhelmed. 
how do you typically cope? i am all ears today.

sunflowers and little smirks

tank: nordstrom, skirt: urban outfitters, flats: tj maxx

see that pretty grass? that is my gorgeous yard.
 it may or may not be predominantly dead;
yet i managed to mow it yesterday with our manual-push mower.
it is a workout, let me tell you. 
however, it looks exponentially better than it does in the above photo
(if you can believe it?).
perhaps i am smirking because the grass is dead.
or itchy.
or because i knew of the copious bug bites i would receive while 
mowing said grass.
anything to make it look a bit better!

Monday, August 18, 2014

the midi skirt

tank: nordstrom, fringe bag: urban outfitters, skirt: thrifted, jellies and belt: forever 21

i purchased this skirt a few months back from a cute 
little vendor on etsy. 
it seems her shop is no longer online, 
but i am happy to have purchased this piece! 
it is the perfect length for work,
as i am constantly running around and chasing after the toddlers.
i look forward to styling it this fall by adding layers.

happy monday, everyone! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

tulle and flower crowns

dress: target, flower crown: forever 21, sandals: steve madden, "love" bracelet: nordstrom

something about a tulle skirt + a flower crown
makes me want to twirl.
which is exactly what i decided to do when taking
photos in the above outfit.
i think i likely had a dress similar to this when i was 3. or maybe 4;
but when i saw it on the rack at target,
i knew it was coming home with me.

are you a fan of the current tulle trend?
i am excited to layer this little dress come fall.
cozy sweaters and flannel? i think so.
have a wonderful weekend! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

not. quite. ready.

shorts and kimono: urband outfitters, tank: michael stars, bag: thrifted, flats: fossil

there were quite a few outtakes when taking these photos;
approximately 85% of the pictures were of me "fluffing" // fixing my hair.
speaking of hair, i had an epiphany this week 
and realized how long my hair has grown. it's finally long!
i've been growing it for years, so seeing it this length is rather exciting. 
now if only it were a bit healthier - 
a girl can dream.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

the "good luck" dress

dress: simply vera vera wang for kohl's,
necklace: ?? (little shop in new orleans), clutch: tj maxx, flats: thrifted

i wore this shift dress (found on sale at kohl's) last week
when my teacher came to observe my classroom.
while i know she was more concerned with my teaching style,
the ways in which i communicate with toddlers and staff, 
and the overall order and peace in our environment, 
having a fun // cute new dress helped immensely. 
and maybe it was the fact that three toddlers were out that day,
or maybe it was the dress?
but the visit went well, very well. 
so i think i shall call this dress "lucky."

you can purchase your own "lucky" dress here.

fresh tangerine at the pioneer square art walk

^^^ mimosas and delicious snacks for us bloggers and guests
attending the recent event at fresh tangerine ^^^
^^^ okay, i'll take one of everything. thanks! ^^^
^^^ the magic (or jewelry making process) happens back at this table ^^^
^^^ could this space be any more perfect?
i absolutely love this inspirational wall ^^^
^^^ and a very special thanks to my roommate, l, for attending 
this little event with me (and letting me use her pretty hands 
to model copious pieces of jewelry) ^^^

last week i had the pleasure of attending an event at fresh tangerine, 
located in pioneer square, seattle. 
the focus of this event was to discuss the "laws of layering" -
layering jewelry, that is.
the fresh tangerine studio is magnificent;
i wanted to move in.
the space is open, bright, with gorgeous decor (and the perfect jewelry, too).
founder, kim, and her staff were a delight to meet and chat with during this event. 
i cannot wait to come back for more shopping. 
i will be sure to post photos of the pieces i purchased soon!

thank you again for inviting me to this event.
for more information or to see specific pieces
available at fresh tangerine, visit here.