Saturday, March 28, 2015

ready, set for spring

dress: lika love, shrug: anthropologie, flats: dolce vita, 
necklace: thrifted, hat: pacsun

oh weekend, i am happy you are here!
yesterday marked my second week of work
at my new gig, and i must say, i could not be happier.
i am working with the smallest of infants
and watching them move, play, and grow is a blessing!
my new commute is less than ideal, 
but i am hoping to adjust to it as time goes on.

the sun is out, so this girl is 
off to walk around the city (which will likely be followed by a nap).
have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Friday, March 27, 2015

guest blogging

happy friday! 
today i am guest blogging (and answering a few questions)
over at 'the girl who loved to write.'
author, chelsea, is an avid reader, writer (blogger, too!),
and coffee drinker. 
she is married to her sweetheart and together, 
they have an adorable pup named gatsby.

be sure to check out chelsea's blog
and read my guest post here.
thank you for stopping by!

another day, another hat

blouse, hat and jeans: nordstrom, shoes: thrifted, bracelets: target

hats are quickly becoming one of my favorite accessories
(especially as my roots are in need of some hair color, and 
this hair is in desperate need of a good combing).

i wanted to 'spice up' this basic blouse and boyfriend denim,
and a hat seemed like the perfect solution! 
this little hat is extra floppy and available online here.
happy friday, everyone!