Sunday, August 30, 2015

summer inspiration

the rain and severe wind that has been prevalent this weekend in 
seattle has been quite the reality check - fall is just around the corner!
i don't know about you, but i am not ready to say goodbye
to summer weather and sunshine! 
i think i am truly a warm-weather girl at heart;
i am simply happier when the sun is out.

above are a few inspiring // summer photos to keep the 
sunshine spirit alive! 

will and i planned a little trip to california this week to 
celebrate a year of dating! can you believe it?! 
the time sure has gone by quickly.
i cannot tell you how excited i am for our trip, and to simply get away.
now if only those sandals
in the photo above could magically appear in my suitcase..

Thursday, August 27, 2015

new makeup and beauty products

younique makeup and skincare products are designed to 
'uplift, empower, validate and ultimately build self-esteem in 
women around the world through high quality products.'

younique products use high quality ingredients to nourish, enrich, 
and care for your skin!

^^^ the beachfront bronzer in 'sunset' ^^^
^^^ lucrative moodstruck minerals lipgloss in 'luscious' ^^^
^^^ refreshed rose water botanical boost ^^^

i began using the above three younique products two weeks ago.
i have to say - i'm hooked! 

the rose water mist has complimented 
my diligent skincare regimen. with the hot summer we have 
had here in seattle, my skin has felt especially dry and flaky. 
the mist has left my skin feeling more hydrated!
the beachfront bronzer is a medium shade, not too dark. 
it gives me a bit of glow (with a slight shimmer) 
for these last few weeks of summer.

normally i am not a lipgloss girl;
i much prefer lipstick as i don't like my lips to feel sticky.
however, the lucrative lip goes on as a gloss, but dries like a lipstick.
it is perfectly pigmented and doesn't leave my lips
feeling like sticky magnets for hair and food :)

overall, i could not be more satisfied with my younique products.
they are affordable, yet of good quality.
oh, and i forgot to tell you! i love the packaging! 
i am a sucker for cute packaging.

to start your own younique collection, or to learn more about their line,
visit the younique website here.

**this is a sponsored post. i was provided with these products
in return for a review. however, all opinions and photos are my own! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

oh weekend?

^^^ where did you go? ^^^
dress: thrifted, jacket and purse: nordstrom, bandeau: urban outfitters, 
sandals: havaianas, necklace: blue nile 

this weekend has gone by far too quickly -
friday was my very last day at preschool, and tomorrow, 
i start a new job! i am really looking forward to it.
i have worked as an infant teacher for the past several months,
but tomorrow, i will resume my life with toddlers in the montessori setting.
my commute will change dramatically, too (phew!).

i spent the weekend relaxing, napping, eating (unhealthily), 
hiking, and i attended my first tupperware party, courtesy of my mom.
it was a busy two days, let me tell you!
and now, i am in my pajamas and don't have any plans
to move off the couch, despite needing to do laundry,
grocery shop, and clean the apartment. there is always
monday for chores, right?!

how was your weekend? 
hope you were able to get some relaxing in, too!