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Monday, June 4, 2018

pacific northwest ballet :: love & ballet

 happy monday, everyone!
i hope you had a great weekend. i spent
most of mine wrapping up final edits for my practicum
 project, catching up on sleep, and
babysitting my favorite munchkins. the highlight,
however, was attending the pacific
northwest ballet's contemporary performance, 
love & ballet (showing june 1-10, 2018 at mccaw hall).
^^^ photo c/o gaelle marcel ^^^ 
this season, i also attended emergence (performed
by pacific northwest ballet--and blogged here).
prior to these shows, i had not been to the 
ballet in years! as a blogger and social media influencer, 
i have a great appreciation for the arts. unfortunately,
i don't often have time to visit museums and attend
shows, but hope to make this more
of a priority--i always have a wonderful time! 

love & ballet is comprised of four
contemporary pieces:
 tide harmonic and after the rain pas de deux
by christopher wheeldon;
appassionata by benjamin millepied;
year of the rabbit by justin peck.
disclosure: a special thank you to karya schanilec and pacific northwest ballet (pnb)
for providing me complimentary tickets to this performance. i had a wonderful
time! as per usual, all opinions are my own.

the underlying theme of love & ballet is love (of course),
but love is diverse--it is depicted differently in each
of the pieces. passion, however, is prominent 
throughout, and what is love if not passionate?
  while each of the pieces were remarkable, my
favorite was after the rain pas de deux. the talent
these dancers possess is indescribable; two dancers are
on stage for the duration of the piece, and costumes and music 
(simply a piano and violin duet) are minimalist.
your focus is entirely on their movements!

"the ballerina is dressed in pink and her partner is bare-
chested. in a series of unfolding partnering movements, 
the dancers explore the shifting emotions of their relationship."
^^^ photo c/o suhyeon choi ^^^

if you're local to seattle and would like to attend
love & ballet, you can receive 40% off your ticket
price with code MEGAN40 here. i highly recommend
attending this performance! 

and of course, you can make a night of it--dinner in 
seattle, drinks (and dessert) at the ballet, and of 
course, a beautiful show. my boyfriend greg joined me,
and after a long week, we were eager to grab a bite to eat,
find our seats, and relax! instead of fighting restaurant
crowds, we enjoyed salad, sandwiches, and a monster chocolate
chip cookie from metropolitan market (conveniently 
located a few blocks from mccaw hall).

have you attended any performances put on
by pacific northwest ballet this season?
if so, which was your favorite?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

my workday routine made easier

happy thursday, everyone!
i hope you had a great week--the weather has
been seemingly perfect in seattle (70+ degree
temperatures), and i cannot help but want to spend
as much time as possible outdoors.

you may or may not know this, but
blogging is a hobby for me. i have a full-time
job in finance, working in our operations department
(specifically, in client information).
i have been with my current company for
almost two years, and despite my utter lack of
experience in the field, i have come to love
my position. i enjoy the challenge of learning
something new (and learning on the job
is prominent in our industry as we adjust to ever-
evolving regulations). i am proud of how much
i have learned in the past two years,
and i have to admit, i have been blessed
with some pretty amazing (and very patient)
disclosure: a special thank you to panera bread for providing
me with a credit to purchase the food items in this post. (they were
delicious.) as per usual, all opinions are my own!

between working full-time, babysitting,
blogging, and staying on top of my freelance projects
(while also completing a certificate program), meal
planning has taken a backseat. well--to be honest--
meal prep has never been a big priority
for me. i'm a grab-and-go kind of girl, which is
not typically healthy or affordable.

working in the heart of downtown, seattle,
is also less than ideal if you're trying to
conserve money, as the coffee and food options
are seemingly endless! tacos? pizza? soup?
sandwiches? thai food? we have it all and then some.
when i learned panera bread was planning to offer
delivery at select locations, i had to give
it a try! (you can see if a panera near you delivers
here.) i am fortunate to work within their delivery radius,
and i had a salad, soup, chips, and of course, a
chocolate chip cookie, delivered to my office
in 40 minutes. i was then able to fully enjoy my
lunch break while eating outdoors.

my office is located near several amazon-
owned buildings, so navigating nearby restaurants 
during the lunch hour can be tricky. many delivery 
services charge a ridiculous amount in fees, but
not, panera bread!
^^^ watch out for that wind ^^^
i ordered the seasonal greens salad and
added chicken for a small up-charge. i must confess,
i ordered from panera bread twice within the
same week, and for my second order, i opted
to try the green passion smoothie. ordering a 
smoothie to be delivered may sound risky, but my
smoothie arrived still frozen, and it was 
refreshing to enjoy with my salad!

blouse: topshop, pants: zara, clutch: aldo,
shoes: qupid, bracelets: something silver

overall, i was incredibly impressed with panera
bread's delivery service, and i look forward to placing
future orders. anything to cut down on stress (who has
time for that?!) and provide a convenient,
healthy lunch. thank you again, panera bread!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

dressing for spring in the pacific northwest

spring has finally arrived in seattle.
while summer is my favorite season (i love,
love the sunshine), spring is a close second.
the blooming flowers, increasingly long days,
and warming temperatures, i can't help but feel excited.
i also enjoy seeing fellow seattleites exploring
our city!

the key to surviving spring in the pacific
northwest, however? dressing in layers! keep
that sweater, sweatshirt, and/or rain jacket
close at hand because the weather can (and will) 
change quickly. if you're like me, you may
conveniently forget said sweater or jacket and find
yourself caught in an epic spring storm.
^^^ quick aside--i recently had my eyebrows microbladed,
and these were the first photos taken after my session
with amanda at eastside microblading. i have my touch-up
session later this weekend and cannot wait to see her again! ^^^

one of the ways in which i add versatility to my
wardrobe, while dressing appropriately for spring, is
to throw on a crew-neck sweater over a dress. 
don't get me wrong, a cardigan over a dress or a skirt +
sweater combination is just as fun, but there is something
to be said about a this crew-neck sweater and dress. perhaps 
it makes me look (or feel) taller? i have been on a 
sweater kick as of late, and this fuzzy cream sweater
is one of my favorites!
i also love pairing my booties with skirts, dresses, 
and denim come spring. hello, bare legs.
this pair of dolce vita pointed-toe boots is perfect
in the pacific northwest. whether rain or shine,
my feet are dry and look stylish. i can't wait to pair
these booties with cropped and/or white denim!

layers are seemingly essential in the
pacific northwest. regardless of the season, 
be sure to wear (or pack) layers. i am 
almost always cold, so having a sweater
or jacket nearby is very important. in warmer
climates, a light scarf or sweater can also be helpful.
buying neutral colors, such as this sweater 
and bag can also extend the wear of your spring
wardrobe. both of these items can be styled
in a variety of ways. i wore this crew-neck
sweater with ripped jeans and converse last weekend.
cream and white are classics for spring, and 
they can be dressed up with accessories
or dressed down when unadorned.

light-weight fabrics are your friend.
unlike years past, this spring has felt
particularly humid in seattle. i am chilly
in the morning, yet sweating when racing to
catch my bus after work. fabrics such as
cotton, linen, chiffon, and hemp are
breathable when humidity is high.

dress: lush clothing, sweater: nordstrom rack,
booties: dolce vita, purse: zara, rings: target

how do you dress appropriately for spring?
any tips for dressing in layers? if so, please
send them my way!