Tuesday, September 23, 2014

taco time

^^^ but not at taco time ^^^
^^^ my favorite little restaurant in wallingford, tnt taqueria ^^^
^^^ chicken quesadilla for this girl, 
with a side of rice, red beans and avocado crema sauce ^^^
^^^ three tacos for him, too ^^^
tnt taqueria is my favorite restaurant in the green lake // wallingford area.
if you are a fan of tacos, casual environments, and delicious, but affordable food,
i highly recommend this hidden gem.
the tacos, burritos, and quesadillas are incredible.
with only a few more days in the wallingford area,
i will definitely be making another trip back.

a rented dress

dress: lendperk, heels: guess, bracelet: nordstrom

i recently rented this pretty lace dress from lendperk.
for just $20 a month, you can have your choice of numerous dresses,
of varying styles and prints, to rent.
this dress was perfect for dinner (though i must admit, 
i quickly changed into flats). 
the detail in the lace, bright color, and adorable collar
were perfect for the occasion! 

are you familiar with lendperk?
to see their gorgeous dresses or to learn more about
the different packages available, visit here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

fit and fab with athleta

^^^ what i wore:
jacket and crops: zella, tank: old navy (inside my bag: new athleta attire) ^^^
^^^ i will take this entire outfit, please! ^^^
^^^ accessories, snacks and running tights -
just a few of my favorite things ^^^
this past weekend, i had the pleasure of attending the "fit and fab" event,
hosted by athleta, at their store at university village. 
fashion designer, darcy camden, provided style advice,
while explaining the versatility of athleta workout wear -
pieces can easily transition from yoga class or the gym, 
to a lunch out or errands. 
many of the dresses, sweaters and tights translated to a 
professional setting, too.

in addition to style consultations, 
barre 3, skoah, and and swink were in attendance. 
i came home (with new running tights and two tops), 
ready to put my knowledge and accompanying fitness motivation to use;
gym, here i come!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

headbands, packing, puppy and more

dress & purse: urban outfitters, headband: american eagle outfitters, 
moccasins: minnetonka, bracelet: nordstrom

things have been quite busy around here as of late!
this girl is moving, and the packing has officially commenced.
however, with the warm weather, sunshine, and dachshund in tow,
it is difficult to stay motivated 
(or get anything done).
dog sitting is a full time job, or so it seems?
it doesn't help that taking her for walks, or walking to get
ice cream sounds far more appealing than packing;
the moving truck comes in seven days, 
so i suppose i should get things going.
wish me luck!

Friday, September 19, 2014

new hair from my friends at ola salon

^^^ how cute is this display?! ^^^
^^^ salon ola's theme this month is "books" ^^^
^^^ this little pup was taking a rest while i had my hair braided ^^^

and now, onto the hair!
braids in the front; a bow in the back.
for some reason, i get rather nervous when styling my hair.
curls, straight hair, and a ponytail 
pretty much define "my very limited style."
that is simply no fun!
these braids and bow were a fun, stylish update to my everyday look.
now if only i could replicate this myself -
ola, i might need some training! 

for all of my local friends, 
please visit the adorable (and extremely kind)
staff and salon in west seattle.
to book your appointment, visit here.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

calling all seattle bloggers and friends!

^^^ this is an event you won't want to miss! ^^^
join me this sunday, september 21st from 9:00-11:00 
at the athleta store at university village!
the theme? "fit and fab!"
style athleta attire with upcoming fall trends
for a look that is polished, comfortable, and versatile!
stylist, darcy camden, will provide tips and style
recommendations for attendees. 
in addition, skoah, barre 3, and swink
will provide us ladies with skin care tips, potential
workout opportunities, and hair styles that can
transition from the gym to everyday life.
it is an event you simply won't want to miss!

athleta, i cannot wait to attend.
this preschool teacher could definitely benefit from new yoga pants and some hair help.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

date night attire

dress: indie frock, necklace and flats: thrifted

i wore this newly thrifted dress on a little date this past weekend.
the dress is light, with a flattering fit.
it was perfect for dinner and a show! 
i purchased it from the adorable consignment shop, indie frock,
located in wallingford.
they ship, and items are now available on their website
(for my faraway friends).
have you been there?
it is my new favorite local thrifting spot!