Wednesday, May 4, 2016

flirty florals

happy wednesday, everyone!
monday marked the start of 'teacher appreciation week.'
the flowers, donuts, hugs and kind words have been a special treat. 
while i love being a montessori preschool teacher, and greatly enjoy 
working with toddlers, it can be exhausting. and frustrating. and at times, 
cause me to question my career path. toddlers are tiny people with a great 
deal of energy! and attitude! their favorite word? 'no!!!!!!'
especially when asking them to clean up, walk in the classroom, or 
wash their hands. 

despite their persistent runny noses, the ever-present use
of 'no!' and all the tantrums and tears, i couldn't be more excited to spend 
each day with them. i love watching as they explore our classroom, the
innate curiosity they possess, and the growth and development that takes place over such 
a short period of time. of course, a supportive staff (who have become
some of my closest friends!) helps, too! each day is an adventure, i can 
say that with a great deal of certainty. 
to my fellow teachers, i hope you feel cherished and loved this week (and
every week!). 
and now, let's talk about this outfit - florals are my favorite spring trend right now;
big or small, bright or muted, i cannot get enough!
i found this floral free people dress on a recent trip to my local
buffalo exchange. i had time to kill as i waited for them to sort through
the items i was hoping to sell. thankfully, they took a few pieces off my hands, 
so i thought, 'surely i can justify purchasing this dress,' right?!
i love the bell sleeves and flirty length of this dress. it's not quite 
office appropriate (especially for this teacher!), but it would be perfect
for a spring picnic, event, or upcoming mother's day brunch.
^^^ just a bit windy when taking these photos! ^^^
photos and makeup by elizabeth kathryn photography

dress: free people (thrifted via buffalo exchange), flats: nine west (similar here),
rings: target (exact here), necklace: nordstrom (exact here)

are you loving all the spring florals? what do you pair with them?
have a wonderful rest of your week, especially my fellow teachers!

Monday, May 2, 2016

how to wear statement jewelry

jewelry is the perfect way to add excitement or a pop of color to your outfit.
whether designer, vintage, or costume-like, it can be used to highlight your features and 
bring life to an otherwise simple look
(i.e. your favorite plain tee, chambray blouse, or shift dress).

combining both bold, statement jewelry and more delicate, feminine pieces
is often the final touch when pulling together my outfit. 
is it possible to wear too many pieces? can you mix silver and gold? 
necklace or earrings (or both?)? 
i've put together a few tips and tricks for selecting jewelry that compliments your outfit!
to accessorize this otherwise all-white look for spring,
i chose two large, statement rings and a dainty midi ring (i can't get enough of my
midi rings as of late, but they take a bit of getting used to -
initially, i always felt like they would slip off my fingers!).
i often wear several bangles or a colorful bracelet, but instead paired my bone
and brass ladder necklace from pryme jewelry. 
the beauty of statement jewelry is that you often only need one piece
to make your outfit stand out! 

1. choose one item to start with (such as the
black ladder necklace in my outfit), and mix and match other pieces to accompany it.

2. less is more. if you're wearing a statement necklace, don't also wear
dangly or chandelier earrings. instead, grab your favorite studs.

3. keep it simple. bold, colorful necklaces are a great way to brighten up
your chambray dress or that solid-color blouse in your closet.

4. consider the neckline. crew neck, off the shoulder, v-neck and strapless tops
and dresses are perfect for shorter, statement necklaces or longer, detailed pieces.
the neckline won't clash with the necklace; rather, the necklace is used to accentuate
the clothing. tops with collars or detail close to the neckline
will often clash with a bold necklace.

5. check your hands. if you're wearing a large ring, remember it will draw
attention to your hands, and subsequently, to your fingernails. 
i am a bit of a manicure addict (shellac, i love you!), but an at-home nail
painting session will do the trick. chipped polish takes away from the beauty of your ring.

6. don't be afraid to mix and match. silver and gold? vibrant colors?
yes, please! mixing colors, with some moderation, will accentuate
and add some fun to your outfit.

blouse & sweater: lika love, jeans: kut from the kloth via lika love (exact here),
rings: lika love, necklace: pryme jewelry via lika love (exact here),
flats: frye thrifted (via goodwill)

some of my favorite places to shop for statement jewelry?
lika lovefrancesca'sold navynordstrom, and of course,
i always make sure to browse the jewelry and accessories when thrifting!
where do you shop for jewelry? do you have any guidelines or rules
for pairing different pieces?

Friday, April 29, 2016

the ultimate shift dress

when it comes to getting dressed, there are days i feel quite lazy.
during the week, i live in leggings and oversized tops, denim, and the occasional
skirt. i am all about comfort and practicality when dressing for work. 
as a toddler preschool teacher, i fear wearing anything too fancy, 
as my clothing must withstand 
runny noses, yogurt-covered fingers, and of course, slobbery hugs and kisses!

and on weekends, i crave convenience. give me a dress and denim jacket, 
or jeans and a blouse any day. putting together an entire outfit, complete with jewelry and 
accessories (not to mention hair and makeup!) - it's a lot of work.
a good shift dress, however, is seemingly effortless. throw it on,
grab your favorite heels or booties, add a necklace, scarf or earrings, and 
you're ready!
photos and makeup by elizabeth kathryn photography

dress & necklace: stitch fix, clutch: forever 21, booties: vince camuto (exact here), 
rings: target (exact here)

whether you're headed to the office, happy hour, or a saturday brunch, 
a shift dress is an effortless, yet stylish choice. i've linked a few
of my current favorites below:
1 // 2 // 3

what do you wear when you're craving fashion and comfort?
how do you style your favorite shift dress?
have a wonderful weekend, and i will see you next week!