Thursday, October 20, 2016

the perfect DIY disney costume from value village

halloween is just under two weeks away:
the pressure is on - find or make the perfect costume -
purchase (and subsequently eat) all of the candy - 
visit the pumpkin patch, or stop by your favorite local grocery store -
start the pumpkin carving -
and of course, scary movie marathons!

halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays.
my sweet tooth is stronger than ever around this time of year. 
i also love brainstorming costume ideas, trying on past years' looks, 
and shopping for or creating something unique. 

this year was no different. i am somewhat embarrassed to admit how
much time i spent scouring pinterest and searching "easy 
and creative DIY halloween costumes" on the internet; easy, right? or not so much.

after a somewhat lengthy trip to value village (i could easily spend
hours in there - i have to look at everything!), i think i eventually came up 
with something fun for this year (!!!). 
^^^ this year, i decided to be wendy darling from the disney movie,
'peter pan.' ^^^

during some of my internet-costume-browsing sessions,
i saw several adorable (and simple) disney princess costumes - 
many of which did not require sewing or a great deal of effort. 

i grew up watching the disney classics, 'the little mermaid,' 
'beauty and the beast' and of course, 'peter pan.'
one of my favorite things to play with as a child were my miniature 
plastic dolls - i had many of the princesses and other movie characters. i specifically 
remember having a small wendy doll with a blue dress and matching 
blue bow in her hair.

when it was time to start looking for my costume, i 
visited my local value village.
i skipped the pre-packaged options; those can be great, 
and very convenient, but i wanted something a bit more original. 
i looked through the miscellaneous costume items (vibrantly colored dresses,
faux fur and sparkly tops, and many 80s prom dresses). nothing
stood out to me, so i began looking in the regular clothing and dress sections. 
i actually got a bit sidetracked and found a few work-appropriate
skirts and dresses (i really do have a horrid shopping habit). i found the 
above blue dress and liked the color and fit. i decided to use the dress
as part of my costume - cinderella, belle, and wendy wore blue!
next, i found the sparkly ballet flats and teddy bear. 
to complete my costume, i thrifted the cozy grey sweater and 
found the hair bow in the little girl's section at target.

dress, sweater, flats and teddy bear: thrifted (c/o value village),
hair bow: target

my halloween costume came together quite easily, all thanks to value village!
you can find a store near you here and let the costume hunt commence.

when you're done with your costume (if you don't plan to keep it)?
 donate it! value village diverts more than 650 million pounds of 
clothing and goods from landfills each year. 
not only can you recycle your costume after wearing it, but
purchasing other second hand items at value village 
supports both regional and national nonprofit organizations.
you can learn more about the positive impact value village 
has on our community here.

have you decided on a halloween costume this year?
if not, be sure to visit your nearest value village as the creative options 
are seemingly endless! 

**this is a sponsored post. a very special thank you
to value village for providing me with a gift certificate
to purchase my costume. all opinions are my own! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

life lately

a few weeks ago, i made a very big life change - i said goodbye
 to my classroom, group of toddlers, and fellow teachers and 
decided to pursue a career in finance. 
'megan? working in finance? who would have thought?'
after a great deal of reflecting, i decided i needed the change. 

i love working with children and will cherish the four years i spent as a 
montessori teacher, but to be honest, i was just burnt out. 
chasing after nine two-year-olds each day can be exhausting! 
despite the tantrums, snot, and ever-present yelling of the word, 'no'
i know i'll miss them greatly.

i have to admit, making this career change, though exciting,
was equally terrifying! teaching is what i know; it's what is familiar
to me. and although trying at times, it isn't necessarily difficult.
but finance is very different. and complex. 
i've been at my new job for almost four weeks now
and am (**slowly) getting the hang of things! finance 
is completely foreign to me, and i still have a great deal to learn,
but i love the structure that accompanies working in an office -
working in the city is nice, too (aside from the constant temptation to 
shop on my walk to the bus after work). 

the position i took is part of the client information team.
i do a fair amount of data entry and support the other client information
and administrative team members. the group of women i work 
with have been incredibly patient and supportive! i am excited for the 
day when i can get through my work without having to ask 3,000 questions,
but i know that will simply take time.

i love that i feel happy going to work and
that i'm learning more and challenging myself each day.
photos and makeup by elizabeth kathryn photography

dress: zara (less than $30! exact here), crossbody bag: gift
booties: nordstrom rack (similar here),
rings: old navy & forever 21, bracelet: urban outfitters

transitioning to an office environment has meant re-organizing 
my closet. i called my mom after the second or third day and said,
'mom, i don't have any pants to wear! all my jeans have holes...'
pencil skirts, trouser pants, blouses? i need more of you!
and ripped jeans, you better believe i'll be wearing you every weekend.

i picked up this LBD (little black dress) at zara a few months ago,
and love the soft, knit fabric. i am still an avid supporter of the exposed
shoulder trend, as i find it to be very flattering!
i am eager to style this dress with sweaters and tights as the weather
continues to cool off. 

how do you style your LBD? are you a fan of the exposed
shoulder trend? 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

fall fashion with seattle goodwill

^^^ i was lusting after several rings, bracelets and vintage broaches! ^^^
^^^ adorable, asa, from lace & pearls, browsing glitter sale items! ^^^
^^^ goodwill gift cards and tasty cookies from dianne's delights ^^^

last week i had the pleasure of attending a fall fashion event, 
hosted by sydney mintle of gossip & glamour and seattle goodwill.
alongside some of my favorite local bloggers, 
we browsed halloween costumes, learned halloween-inspired
makeup tips from tiffany colors (talented makeup artist and cosmetologist!),
and were able to preview a few items for the upcoming glitter sale!
^^^ still putting together your halloween costume?
temporary lip tattoos (available in a variety of prints and colors)
and vibrant false lashes can glam-up any costume! ^^^
the annual glitter gala (goodwill's biggest fundraiser!) took place this 
weekend; proceeds from last year's gala provided job training and education 
programs to 8,700 community members.
every time we shop at goodwill, we support these programs!

the goodwill glitter sale runs november 5th and 6th from 9:00am-6:00pm
at the dearborn store (located here) - i haven't yet been but look
forward to attending for the first time this year!
not familiar with the glitter sale? goodwill saves the best of the best donations
for their annual sale (such as the burberry and dolce & gabbana pictured 
above) and attendees line up in anticipation!
^^^ fellow fashion and lifestyle bloggers! 
anita from under the evergreen, hilary from the cutie life, jenn from hello rigby,
lisa from story of my dress and angie from chasing my halo ^^^

a special thank you to sydney and seattle goodwill for putting on such 
a fun fall fashion event - now, bring on the halloween costume 
shopping and all things glitter sale!