Wednesday, January 28, 2015


t-shirt: nordstrom, sweater: urban outfitters, hat: target, 
leggings: american apparel, moccasins: minnetonka

on weekends, my style is all about being comfortable
whether lounging, cleaning up around the apartment, 
or grabbing coffee with a girlfriend, i tend to dress more casually;
oversized sweaters and flannel are my outfits of choice.
i wore this particular outfit to brunch with my girlfriend, 
followed by a nap and copious amounts of work.

how do you typically dress on weekends? 
let me know in the comments below.

p.s. this hat is the perfect way to hide unwashed or messy hair.
if only i could wear it constantly.. 
you can purchase a similar version here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

smile always; be positive

ombre top: tj maxx, pants: loft, heels: steve madden, 
ring & bangle: old navy, clutch: zara

i am a sucker for quotes;
whether on pinterest, or for home decor, 
i cannot get enough. 
my bedroom has an 'inspiration wall' that is covered in various 
quotes and words of encouragement.
i have several toddler-related / appropriate photos
containing quotes hung in my classroom, too.

while some are frivolous, i find that i truly appreciate
reading their positive message from time to time. 
it provides me with an instant pick-me-up, i suppose.
thus, when i saw a bag with an inspiring message, 
i knew it would be the perfect accessory 
(and even better, it was on clearance!).

are you a fan of surrounding your home with quotations?

Monday, January 26, 2015

derby ready

dress & hat: target, booties: thrifted, purse: tj maxx

all dressed up and nowhere to go! 
although i do look as though i could attend the horse races
with my oversized hat and floral dress.

the weather was unusually warm this past weekend, 
and i felt comfortable wearing this spring-like dress with a sweater. 
spring, are you here to stay?
i really do prefer your sunshine and warm temperatures. 

this weekend went by far too quickly.
i am working on an online class, babysitting in preparation for our 
upcoming trip, and trying to fit in time for naps, 
happy hour, and a bit of fun.
monday, i am not ready for you;
bring on the coffee!