Friday, July 3, 2015

keeping cool

tank: loft, shorts and bag: thrifted, necklace: prairie charms
flip flops: havaianas

will and i decided to go out to eat last night, 
simply to escape the heat in our apartment. 
living on the eighth floor, sans AC, in 90+ degree weather is no fun! 
we walked to one of our favorite spots in belltown, the innkeeper.
(if you live in the seattle area, you must go! they 
recently added the most incredible salad that's perfect for 
hot summer days - heirloom tomatoes and watermelon with mint and curry pesto!!!)

we are headed to the cabin for the next day or so to 
swim and enjoy the long weekend. 
have a wonderful 4th of july, everyone!
see you soon :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

short hair, don't care ;)

dress: handmade for my aunt by my grandma, ya-ya!
booties: thrifted, bracelets: forever 21, ring: lika love

after far more time than i'd like to admit on pinterest, 
much thinking, asking, polling, and thinking (and of course, 
back to pinterest), i finally decided to make the cut - 
all seven inches
while i've only officially had short hair for a few hours, i love it thus far ;)
it may or may not be a different story
when i'm forced to style it on my own. i hope i'm ready for the challenge!

this past weekend, while at my family brunch,
we did a bit of a clothing swap. 
two of my aunts have incredible vintage pieces, 
some of which were sewn by them and my grandma, ya-ya, 
who has since passed away.
she made the dress in the photos above! 
i absolutely love the bright colors, soft fabric, and overall style of the dress.
this is something i would absolutely be drawn to 
in a vintage shop; i feel honored to be wearing the dress today -
i think it may be a sign from her that the dress fits perfectly, too?
i have a few other pieces that i took from the
swap that i cannot wait to share on this little blog.

p.s. hope you are surviving this heat wave, seattle friends.
if you have AC, i am coming over!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

simple, yet gorgeous with anjolee!

heart dress: gap, flats: nordstrom, diamond bangle: c/o anjolee

i recently received the above gorgeous, silver diamond bangle 
from anjolee, the art of jewelry.
while i enjoy my statement necklaces and bracelets,
there is something so elegant (and timeless?) about a simple bangle;
it is classic in appearance and fits my wrist beautifully!

i wore this when going out to dinner this past weekend.
with a bright, printed dress, i wanted to keep my accessories 
to a minimum. i instantly reached for this bracelet!
upon receiving my bangle, i wanted to learn more about anjolee. 
anjolee is one of the largest diamond manufactures in the united states. 
their pieces can be customized to meet the needs 
of each individual customer, and the jewelry is of the highest quality. 
to learn more about anjolee, you can visit their website here.

anjolee, thank you for this lovely bracelet. 
i cannot wait to style it again!

**this is a collaborative post. however, all photos and opinions 
are my own. i am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with anjolee,
the art of jewlery!