Wednesday, April 23, 2014

newly rented for spring

^^^ i absolutely love this newly rented dress! ^^^
dress: lendperk, denim jacket: nordstrom, bracelets: forever 21, flats: target

above is my rented dress for april.
the fit is perfect, and the colors are even more vibrant in person -
talk about a gorgeous dress!?
paired with my favorite denim jacket,
this lovely, sequin dress was great to wear to happy hour with friends.
i think i might need to get one more wear out of it 
before sending it back, lendperk! 
thank you again for another great rental. 

see other rented dresses i have styled here and here.
happy renting! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

stripes and a statement necklace

dress, flats and denim jacket: nordstrom, necklace: old navy

happy monday, friends!
i wore this for church and easter brunch yesterday;
i changed out of it shortly after eating five mini  
cinnamon rolls, as well as eggs, toast, ham and yogurt
(and replaced the dress with sweats). 

and now, the work week has returned. 
despite being done with class, 
i cannot believe how much work and homework 
i still need to complete. yikes! it is a lot.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

food is on my mind

headband: anthropologie, t-shirt: nordstrom, 
skirt and bracelets: forever 21, flats: fossil

happy easter, everyone! 
this girl is off to church, followed by a tasty brunch with family. 
is it bad i am already dreaming about 
eggs and muffins and coffee and fruit and treats?
how will you celebrate?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

spring, where did you go?

romper and flats: vintage, tights: target, wristlet: nordstrom 

i had to dig out my tights (and down vest and flannel) again today 
(not all for this post, of course).
just when i think the weather has turned a corner,
the rain and gloom are return.
spring, please come back;
this skin needs some sunshine and warmth. 

do you have any fun plans for easter?
i plan to celebrate tomorrow with family.
i cannot wait for tasty food and treats. 
happy early easter!

what to wear: easter edition

maxi dress here
printed shift dress here
navy floral dress here
floral drawstring dress here
wrangler dress here
color block tunic here

shopping for something fun to wear for easter?
these are a few of my favorites! 
sadly, the rain and gloom will slightly alter my attire - 
tights and a denim jacket will be essential. 
each of the above items are less than $50.
shopping on a budget - my kind of shopping.

have a wonderful holiday weekend, friends :) 

Friday, April 18, 2014


jacket: h&m, t-shirt and headband: american eagle,
jeans: opal boutique, flats: jessica simpson

"let me take a selfie."
when i saw this shirt, i knew i needed it for blogging purposes.
and perhaps just daily life purposes, too. 
it is fun and incredibly soft, and i look forward to wearing it again. 
and i can be accused of taking a few
too many selfies and posting them on various social media platforms. 
but why not? 

happy friday, everyone.
 i will see you tomorrow with another outfit.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

casual chic

^^^ this outfit needs more accessories! ^^^
dress: thrifted, tights: target, tennis shoes: converse, 
necklace: from my trip last summer to new orleans

i cannot get enough of my converse. 
i think i shall wear them all summer long;
when i am not in my tennis shoes, i will live in these.
what is your favorite shoe for summer?

this past weekend, i finished my montessori training program.
thus, this girl is officially a teacher! 
i may or may not have celebrated by eating ice cream for dinner.
and going on a mini shopping excursion to my favorite local thrift shop. 
i deserve a treat though, right?

i hope you enjoyed your weekend.