Thursday, April 27, 2017

how to wear sneakers with a dress

while this isn't a new trend for 2017, pairing sneakers with a
dress is somewhat new to me! i have always enjoyed
wearing my beloved white converse with various dresses and skirts.
however, it was not until recently that i felt
comfortable (or perhaps confident enough) wearing
athletic-looking sneakers with anything other than active wear;
in my mind, sneakers were meant to be worn to the gym,
but clearly, i have been missing out! 

of course, sneakers may not be appropriate with all
dresses (or subsequently, in all environments). a cocktail party, for 
example, would require a more formal shoe. additionally, when
attending a meeting with my supervisor, i trade in my sneakers
for a ballet flat or ankle boot.
disclosure: brooks graciously provided us with the sneakers
photographed in this post. all opinions are my own!

a few weekends ago, jenn (fellow blogger and friend from
 hello rigby) and i spent an afternoon in the city and styled our 
sneakers two ways: the first was a casual look (blogged here), and 
today, we are back wearing our brooks heritage
shoes with a dressier outfit in mind. we had fun collaborating!
putting these outfits together, and seeing the way jenn wore
her shoes, provided me with a few ideas on how else
i can style my sneakers -- hello sneakers with rompers, 
floral shorts, etc. etc.
^^^ great minds think alike --
pink sneakers call for matching pink bags! ^^^

when putting together this outfit, i wanted the focus
to be my shoes. thus, i avoided a printed dress (as i thought
it might look too busy and/or distracting), and chose a simple white, 
lace dress. unfortunately, i purchased this dress last season, but i have
seen similar styles in a variety of department stores this year. the dress
is feminine, and the sporty sneakers are a fun addition!

whether you're a new or longtime brooks lover, be
sure to order these ice cream inspired sneakers (or other
heritage style shoes) soon, as they are returning to the vault! this 
line was released to celebrate brooks' 100 year anniversary.
they will be available in store and online until they're sold out.
i am currently lusting after a few different pairs, as they're comfortable,
 affordable, and can seemingly be worn with anything!
 exploring upper queen anne required a stop at
top pot doughnuts for iced coffee, followed by a smoothie date
to emerald city smoothie. peaches and greens (complete with 
peach, spinach, banana, almonds and chia) 
is my go-to drink!

  on megan: 
dress: old navy (last year), denim jacket: asos,
purse: zara (exact here), sneakers: c/o brooks (exact here)

on jenn:
jumpsuit: sears, jacket: autumn olive boutique,
scarf: vintage (thrifted via value village),
purse: kate spade, sunglasses: foster grant via fred meyer,
sneakers: c/o brooks (exact here)

are you a fan of sneakers with dressier clothing items?
don't be afraid to pair your favorite spring dresses,
skirts and rompers with sneakers; it adds a fun pop
to your outfit and will keep you comfortable while enjoying
other springtime activities -- on my ever-growing bucket list
this year? a visit to the tulip festival, attending a
taco truck showdown, and of course, frequent walks around
the city!
how do you typically style your casual shoes?
let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

the perfect lbd for spring

spring is officially here (though our current weather patterns
say otherwise!), and my skirts and dresses, sans tights, are 
ready. they've been neglected all winter and want to 
make their return -- complete with cold brew coffee, blooming
flowers and warm temperatures! 

a few of my favorite trends for spring? ruffles (i have worn
several blouses and sweaters adorning ruffles), all things 70s, 
and of course, lace. there is something so feminine and chic about a 
delicate lace dress. whether you're in need of a date night look or 
were invited to attend a spring or summer wedding, lace won't let 
you down. it's both classic and trendy!
disclosure: stylewe graciously provided me with the dress i'm
wearing in this post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

i love the hem of this dress; with a shorter slip
underneath, the lace makes a statement! while i have 
other black dresses, i don't have anything quite like this.
and despite ordering this dress online (which has proven
 risky at times, particularly when it comes to dresses), the fit is 
seemingly perfect.

the cotton collar adds a bit of edge to this otherwise
feminine dress. i think it would be great for an event, but
could also be a go-to dress for the office. though i must admit, i would 
quickly ditch the heels for my preferred ballet flats, as there
is nothing worse than aching feet after a long day.
as an alternative to heels or flats, this dress
would be equally adorable with your favorite city sneaks. 
i commute to and from work on the bus and have become
an avid supporter of sneakers with dresses. while
i typically have flats or ankle boots in my bag, there are times
i have kept the sneakers on throughout the work day.
while this may not be appropriate in all office environments, i like the 
casual 'i didn't try' vibe it gives off. 

so, grab your white converse or colorful vans and give 
this dress an altogether different look! fashion is about experimentation
 and finding different ways to wear pieces in your closet --
combinations that make you feel like you.

dress: c/o stylewe (exact here), purse: gift from my very sweet coworker,
shoes: bcbg via dsw (similar here), rings: forever 21

have you joined in on the current lace trend?
how do you like to style your lace pieces?
let me know in the comments!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

just a girl and her dog

if you know my family and me personally, then you know we 
absolutely adore our miniature dachshund, bailey! bailey turned 
fourteen last year! while her eyesight and hearing have 
become less reliable (though this could be blamed on 'selective
hearing'), she enjoys trips in the car, frequent treats and 
will tolerate the occasional photo shoot. 

we brought bailey home when i was in high school.
i recall my dad telling my younger brother and i that we were
going to visit my grandma. instead, we picked up a tiny
red dog -- she could fit in the palm of your hand! bailey stole our
hearts immediately, and to be honest, i can't remember
life without her.
our love for bailey may or may not border on an obsession;
my parents have a bathroom that is 'dachshund themed.'
there are (professional) photos of bailey, alongside other dachshund 
decor; what can i say?! in our family, when you love your dog, you 
really love your dog! she's a spoiled girl, but we would not
have it any other way.
^^^ say the word 'treat,' and she will love you forever! ^^^
in the fourteen+ years we have had bailey, i have picked up just 
a few wiener dog-related items for myself. i received an adorable
 pair of dachshund leggings and dachshund water bottle 
from my coworkers on my birthday this year! and when i saw 
this blouse, i knew it had to come home with me; what better way 
to style it than alongside my favorite pup?!

blouse: zara (exact here; similar here), skirt: nordstrom rack,
flats: target, purse: endless knot, ring: lucky brand
 **fellow small dog owners, bailey is wearing this sweater -- she has 
several colors and prints, and we love how well they fit her
(they're machine washable, too!)

bailey last made an appearance on my blog here!
are you a dog owner? if so, you can likely relate to 
the immense love my family and i have for our pup. we treat
her like a member of our family. despite her old age, she 
continues to enjoy being carted around with us and the occasional
walk (particularly if she knows treats will be
provided after).