Tuesday, April 14, 2015

shop local: moorea seal

^^^ sunglasses galore! ^^^
^^^ new to moorea seal, skin care and bath products, as well as natural oils! ^^^
^^^ finally brought home one of the above hats this past weekend.
i can't wait to share it with you! ^^^
^^^ i'll take one of each from this table, moorea seal. thank you! ^^^
^^^ i love how each piece is carefully displayed - 
each table is different, showcasing a variety of items.
there is so much to look at! ^^^

the moorea seal store, located in belltown, 
is the home to stunning accessories, jewelry, cards and gift wrap, 
home decor and more!
items in the store are predominantly handmade in the united states, 
with a few carefully selected pieces from across the globe.
the theme? chic, modern, and rustic tied into one beautiful, cohesive store.

an important component of the moorea seal store's mission is to 'do good, do great.'
thus, 7% of your purchase total will be donated to various non-profits;
moorea seal is not only committed to helping our local community, 
but society as a whole. 

what more could you want? buy gorgeous hat + help someone in need - 
moorea seal, i will definitely be back for more! 

to learn more about the moorea seal store, 
or to shop online, visit their website here.

april stitchfix

blouse and skirt: stitchfix, shoes: dsw, bracelet: gift, hair pin: france luxe

^^^ i apologize for the wrinkles! ^^^

i received the above blouse and skirt in my april stitchfix.
i love the bold, emerald color of the blouse
that my stylist chose for me. 
i don't often buy blouses because i fear wearing them to work 
with the infants (i often come home feeling comparable to 
a used tissue - dirty and covered in mucus). 
however, my wardrobe is certainly lacking blouses
and other more professional attire. 
the skirt is different, but fun, too. 
i adore stripes, but do not have a skirt that looks anything like this.
so, what do you think - should i keep them?

i also received a pink blouse, a blue blouse, 
and a large bangle in my box. 
unfortunately, the blouses are all very similar 
(different styles, but solid with a panel down the front). 
i won't be keeping all of them. 

are you familiar with stitchfix? 
if you have not yet signed up, you can use my referral link here!

Monday, April 13, 2015

a special appearance!

^^^ meet, willie! my boyfriend, photographer, 
and a major supporter of this little blog ^^^

shirt: old navy, jeans: thrifted, shoes: cole haan 

a friend of mine recently said, 'megan, you should 
share some of will's outfits on your blog!'
he sure dresses well (but i suppose i am rather biased),
so we decided to showcase a bit of menswear around here.

i felt a bit nervous taking these photos! 
with my outfits, i am always asking him, 
'is my necklace straight?' 'is my shirt twisted?'
'is my hair going crazy?' 'do i have lipstick in my teeth?'
'does this match?' 'should i have worn the other boots?'
etc. etc. etc.
for boys, however, i suppose it is rather different - 
seemingly effortless (darn him for looking great in every picture!).

thank you for wholeheartedly supporting my passion, willie, 
and for being a good sport when i forced you to appear in this post!