Thursday, October 30, 2014

and then i got a second job

dress: lika love, boots and vest: thrifted, necklace: nordstrom

for the past few months, i have been helping my dear friend, m, 
with her mobile fashion boutique. 
you've seen some of her (adorable) items featured on my blog
here and here.
and then we decided, "hey, we might as well work together."
so now i have a little part-time gig to fund
my shopping addiction. 
m recently opened a store in west seattle.
her dresses and sweaters and jewelry and scarves
are magnificent. 
the little dress i am wearing above was purchased from m
last weekend.
for all my seattle girlfriends, you have to stop by lika love! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


skirt and boots: thrifted, sweater: forever 21, necklace and #shopping bag: old navy

i found this little #shopping bag while scouring the clearance
section at old navy last week.
i thought, "this bag is perfect for me - ms. shopaholic."
i am the family shopaholic;
i strive to justify the size of my closet by stating, "but i have a blog.
i want to look cute."
it sometimes works, but not often. 
and then i realize that maybe i should clean out my closet. 
that's my goal for this week:
a closet purge.
wish me luck! 

pop up shop!

seattle bloggers and friends,
join me, in conjunction with mdot design studio (MMDS),
for an exclusive fashion event on november 12th and 13th.
enjoy happy hour prices 
while shopping in the main lobby of the w seattle hotel. 
this pop up shop is here for a limited time
and will have everything from clothing to accessories. 
hope to see you there, 
and happy shopping! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

pink, pink, pink

dress: urban outfitters, sweater: kohl's, necklace: thrifted, boots: hunter

the weather has been crazy in seattle as of late - 
rain, wind, sun, a mix of it all, and repeat. 
while my legs were a bit cold sans tights, 
these boots and thick sweater kept me both warm and dry.
and now, can it be the weekend already?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

a tour of filson

dress and clogs: thrifted, sweater: forever 21, tights: target, bag: gift from filson
last week i had the opportunity to tour the filson headquarters, located in seattle.
i was able to explore the factory,
meet filson staff, 
learn of the extensive filson history,
and preview the upcoming 2014/2015 spring line!
 ^^^ gorgeous filson luggage in the making! ^^^
clinton filson stated, "it is the filson ideal and policy to produce only the best in outdoor clothes
that is possible to manufacture."
i'll take this travel bag home with me!
^^^ above are the classic, heavy filson men's items,
including the cruiser jacket and the double mackinaw cruiser jacket ^^^
these items are produced using the utmost quality materials
directly in the filson factory.
the cruiser jacket has been in production since filson's beginning - 1897.
^^^ the lighter-weight spring line -
incredible hunting and fishing gear for men! ^^^
the final filson showroom was perhaps my favorite - 
customers returned items that had been loved and worn to the fullest extent,
along with their story.
above is a very used men's cruiser jacket
every item produced by filson comes with a lifetime guarantee;
clinton filson said, "your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction."
with an ideal like that, why not purchase a filson product?
for more information about the filson mission and lifetime guarantee, 
please visit here,
^^^ additional returned items, along with their story ^^^
and at the end of my tour, filson gave me my very own gorgeous tote!

thank you for this amazing opportunity! 
i very much enjoyed touring the headquarters 
and learning about the high quality products produced here.
filson, i will be back! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

rain gear

^^^ black on black on black ^^^
jacket: north face, leggings: american apparel, rain boots: hunter

the toddlers in my class dress up in "rain gear" 
each day before going outside (when appropriate). 
they toddle and waddle out in the puddles, 
trying ever so hard to balance in their boots.
above is my version of the rain gear.

because the seattle rain has returned, 
i dug out my favorite jacket and trusty boots. 
this outfit has seemingly become my uniform 
until the rain lets up - 
which will likely be may of 2015. 
this girl is trying to stay warm and dry! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

revised: skin care routine

^^^ my newly revised skin care routine ^^^

step one: wash face with cerave hydrating cleanser, found here
step two: apply make a difference plus+ rejuvenating cream, available here
step three: apply makeup

previously, i would also use toner, the occasional face mask,
spot treatment, etc.

step one: remove makeup with simple cleansing wipes, found here
step two: wash face with cerave hydrating cleanser, found here
step three: apply cerave pm facial lotion, available here

i am a skin care addict. 
i love to wash and care for my skin, 
and strive to use products that are healthy, natural,
and will enhance my complexion. 
for the past few weeks, my skin has been horrible - 
itchy, red, inflamed, dry and painful.
i had to eliminate my toner, masks and other 
treatments i previously enjoyed using on my skin.
my doctor said "only the basics" when it comes to caring 
for my skin right now - at least until the inflammation subsides. 
do you have any products, treatments, or overall tricks
that are good for particularly sensitive skin?
if so, i am all ears!