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Thursday, May 17, 2018

my workday routine made easier

happy thursday, everyone!
i hope you had a great week--the weather has
been seemingly perfect in seattle (70+ degree
temperatures), and i cannot help but want to spend
as much time as possible outdoors.

you may or may not know this, but
blogging is a hobby for me. i have a full-time
job in finance, working in our operations department
(specifically, in client information).
i have been with my current company for
almost two years, and despite my utter lack of
experience in the field, i have come to love
my position. i enjoy the challenge of learning
something new (and learning on the job
is prominent in our industry as we adjust to ever-
evolving regulations). i am proud of how much
i have learned in the past two years,
and i have to admit, i have been blessed
with some pretty amazing (and very patient)
disclosure: a special thank you to panera bread for providing
me with a credit to purchase the food items in this post. (they were
delicious.) as per usual, all opinions are my own!

between working full-time, babysitting,
blogging, and staying on top of my freelance projects
(while also completing a certificate program), meal
planning has taken a backseat. well--to be honest--
meal prep has never been a big priority
for me. i'm a grab-and-go kind of girl, which is
not typically healthy or affordable.

working in the heart of downtown, seattle,
is also less than ideal if you're trying to
conserve money, as the coffee and food options
are seemingly endless! tacos? pizza? soup?
sandwiches? thai food? we have it all and then some.
when i learned panera bread was planning to offer
delivery at select locations, i had to give
it a try! (you can see if a panera near you delivers
here.) i am fortunate to work within their delivery radius,
and i had a salad, soup, chips, and of course, a
chocolate chip cookie, delivered to my office
in 40 minutes. i was then able to fully enjoy my
lunch break while eating outdoors.

my office is located near several amazon-
owned buildings, so navigating nearby restaurants 
during the lunch hour can be tricky. many delivery 
services charge a ridiculous amount in fees, but
not, panera bread!
^^^ watch out for that wind ^^^
i ordered the seasonal greens salad and
added chicken for a small up-charge. i must confess,
i ordered from panera bread twice within the
same week, and for my second order, i opted
to try the green passion smoothie. ordering a 
smoothie to be delivered may sound risky, but my
smoothie arrived still frozen, and it was 
refreshing to enjoy with my salad!

blouse: topshop, pants: zara, clutch: aldo,
shoes: qupid, bracelets: something silver

overall, i was incredibly impressed with panera
bread's delivery service, and i look forward to placing
future orders. anything to cut down on stress (who has
time for that?!) and provide a convenient,
healthy lunch. thank you again, panera bread!

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