Tuesday, November 15, 2011

day three

goodness gracious, how is it only tuesday? this week needs to speed up because i. am. tired. i think i need a treat and a nap and a day off. okaythankyougoodnight.

day three:
shirt, tank, & necklace: nordstrom, jeans: opal, grandma shoes: steve madden
d made this hat!

i love this shirt and necklace, but wish i had worn different pants and brown boots with it... darn. today's tip: mix 'n match. these are the same jeans i wore on day one of the work wear challenge, but they look somewhat different with a dressier top. i was going to try to avoid wearing jeans during the regular work week, but this morning i was simply too tired to find an alternative. you can substitute jeans for black pants, leggings, a fitted skirt, etc. with a boxy top similar to this. i will try to look more professional/awake tomorrow :) xoxo.