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Sunday, March 22, 2015

my newest obsession:

^^^ after complaining of back pain for the past several weeks,
i realized part of the problem was the amount of crap i carry 
with me on the daily;
i lug snacks, water bottle, books, wallet, lipstick(s)
and other makeup essentials, hair brush, and whatever
other junk i happen to find at the bottom of my bag.
the solution? a backpack! ^^^
^^^ i found this m.r.k.t. (mad rabbit kicking tiger) bag
at a local boutique and immediately put it at the top of my wish list! ^^^
flannel: men's (thrifted), t-shirt: old navy, leggings: american apparel,
hat: target, shoes: converse, backpack: m.r.k.t. (via amazon)

i have to say, i love these pictures!
i had a blast jumping around (walking, too) while 
carrying my backpack this afternoon.
i look forward to testing it out while at preschool this week.
have a wonderful rest of your weekend!