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Thursday, November 17, 2011

day five

i think i may have been overzealous in the amount of extra activities i have taken on recently... it feels a bit like i am drowning in the world of responsibility (though perhaps this is what being an adult feels like?). this week i have stayed up far too late, have not cleaned my room, and didn't get a chance to finish my book for book club last night. bad book club member, megan! i also have not gone to the gym in ages - hence my strategically chosen outfit/bag dress below :) keeping busy does help the week go by more quickly, so perhaps it is not all that bad...

AND in only six days, several of the girlfriends will be home from school, and m arrives here from san diego! he said the first thing he wants to do upon his arrival is stop at top pot for donuts and visit his real girlfriend, bailey. i suppose i cannot blame him as she is the cutest little bean of all time :)

day five:
dress: uo, tights: target, boots: nordstrom, necklace: borrowed from
my roommate's gem of a closet :)
hahaha my sweater tights are identical to the carpet

tip: strive to incorporate your summer wardrobe into fall. this dress is wonderful with sandals and a light jacket in the summer, but can also be worn with boots and tights during the fall. the dress + sweater tights combination today feels like wearing pajamas. so comfortable and forgiving of my lacking gym time this week :) xoxo.