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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

no shopping november

i realize that it is already the 8th of november, but i am officially declaring the rest of this month "no shopping november" (i am getting a bit of late start because i may have gotten a new i <3 ronson blouse and dress at f21)... better late than never though, right?!
whoops - is this you, too?

goal 1: no (clothes+shoes+accessories) shopping for the remainder of november
goal 2: purge closet; this will be a serious cleaning... no more of my usual "oh, i can wear that to this..." and then never actually wearing the item

small exception: i know black friday technically falls in november. we might be able to accommodate this epic day of shopping, as the primary goal is to buy discounted gifts for others, right?

solution 1: exchange items that i do not wear/need with those of the girlfriends who have also cleaned out their closets
solution 2: make a trip to our local good will to donate the remainder of the items just in time for the holidays :)

dear girlfriends/fellow bloggers, are you interested in participating? i already have two bags of items waiting to be worn! let me know what you think, xoxo.