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Monday, November 28, 2011

sick day

m, while it was wonderful to see you and spend the amount of time that we did together, i could have done without getting your horrible cold and sore throat. these, combined with the persistent stomach pains after eating all weekend, do not make for a happy, working girl. thus i am stuck at home with odwalla juice, a giant (and now empty) box of kleenex, cold medicine, tea, lysol spray, and my faucet-like nose.
(i threw away all of the used kleenex and medicine wrappers that were previously here)

on a slightly different note, i found a new nail polish yesterday that is ideal for the upcoming holiday season. it is the perfect shade of red with just the right amount of sparkle (what could be better?).
(the color is a slightly darker red in person, but this photo emphasizes the glitter sheen to it)
what do you think?

back to bed for this girl. good night and xoxo.