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Sunday, November 6, 2011

sunday oh-so-fun-day

i've realized that you know all about my beloved dog, my boyfriend, and have been introduced to several of the girlfriends, but i have yet to mention what i actually do... on weekends, i work at a clothing boutique in redmond. it is the dream job for my fellow fashion lovers, who live for designer clothes, high-end brands, fancy accessories, and shopping in the very regal boutique-setting. however, for my meager bank account, the job can be utterly depressing. here is a mini tour of the store, me hard at work (hehe), and my favorite item this week!
the best hair tie of all time -
be careful, they are addicting :)
this horse sweatshirt (from the store) is michael stars - i love it!
my pick for this week is the above right la made sweatshirt: $108 and can be
purchased at the boutique
...i should also mention that the store sits directly across from whole foods. after a long shift spent folding clothes repeatedly, cleaning out dressing rooms, and attempting to dust and perfect the store, i sprint across the road to a tuna cranberry wrap, a side salad, and of course, a delicious cookie. not a bad way to end a day spent oohing and awing over clothes i could never dream of affording.

if you are in need of some new clothing, or just want to peek around and gaze at these beautiful fall fashions, i will gladly help! i would also do absolutely anything for a pumpkin spice latte (ahem, mom). thankssssssss! xoxo.