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Friday, November 4, 2011


despite the fact that this has been a quick work week, it is time for it to be over. i am an absolute mess today! my hair feathers fell out, my entire face is peeling off (it looks like i am some sort of furry animal), i desperately need a hair cut, my thumb nail broke off completely (owww!), i tore my shirt when it got caught on my bracelet, AND while i was inhaling my honey bunches of oats this morning, i spilt milk all down the front of my shirt - guess that is what you get for eating too much, too fast.

okay, enough complaining already. it is friday, and two wonderful things have happened :)
1. m got me out of the aforementioned parking ticket from the evil parking people!!!!!
2. i got to use (some of) that $43 to purchase these beauties from tj maxx! along with the wiener dog shirt below, these shoes are "so me" (sorry, i currently cannot think of a less cliche way to phrase that). they are perfect because they are flats/moccasins+apache+work appropriate, aka wonderful :)

5pm, you cannot come soon enough. xoxo.

p.s. milk stains on my shirt, please go away. i already look ridiculous with a furry face.