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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

holiday giving

i love this
found here on one of my new favorite blogs :)

yesterday was a very special day... i had the opportunity to deliver the holiday gifts my coworkers and i collected for the place i volunteer. we filled stuffed the car with toys, clothes, games, and toiletries. needless to say, the organization was incredibly happy :)

last night i went to volunteer at said organization with my little 11-year-old buddy. when i got there, he was in time-out because he wanted to sit by the door and wait for me instead of participating in a group activity. poor guy :( however, we celebrated christmas and spent our time together building and racing his new transformers... i mostly watched him because "i am not very good at fighting/racing the transformers" :)
i look so different without my glasses!
dress: opal, boots & necklace: nordstrom, tights: nordstrom rack

on the agenda for the rest of this week: dinner tonight with my mom, pick up m at the airport tomorrow night (!!!), finish catching fire - beyond addicting, bake peanut butter cookies for d, wrap my gifts, work work work + take care of the doggies! and then... christmas :) xoxo.