Friday, December 16, 2011

repeat offender

has this week been especially tiring, or is it just me? today's outfit has more to do with comfort than fashion :) and i cannot get enough of my moccasins this week! minnetonka, i love you.
this is my dear friend/coworker, c!
she has the best style and sometimes let's me share her magnificent wardrobe :)
her outfit - dress: queen anne dispatch, sweater & scarf: gap, tights: horse shoe, boots: clarks, necklace: local craft show
my outfit - t-shirt, jeans & moccasins: nordstrom, sweater: f21
i am in love with these tights!

i am ready for the weekend to commence. i have a lot of christmas shopping to complete, a few girlfriends to see, sleep and baking to catch up on, a ton of reading to do, and a dance and ugly sweater party to attend :)

remember the little event i mentioned in my previous post to m? he bought a plane ticket today so he can attend with me as my date!!!!!!!!!!! maybe i will do kind posts directed towards him more often :) have a great weekend everyone! xoxo.