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Monday, December 12, 2011

status update:

hello! i am excited to be back to posting regularly on this little blog. although i was only gone for a few days, it felt much longer - especially when all i did is eat ice cream, watch tv, and read the hunger games! i am not quite finished, but have loved every minute spent reading. i am trying to savor the last few pages until books two and three arrive from amazon :)

i would like to report that the surgery (wisdom teeth removal) was not nearly as bad as i had anticipated the second time around. while it was painful and disgusting, medicine and lots of rest helped. oh and having a cute little doggie to snuggle with. i am sticking to my soft foods diet as the top of my mouth is still quite sore. ice cream for lunch? yes please! d and i are going to visit the golden arches - also known as mcdonalds.

other news:
  • m is coming here for christmas and staying through the new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i started christmas shopping, and boy is it difficult. navigating the mall is near impossible. is it too late to shop online hehe? (also, what does one buy for their dad? i am stuck! any ideas?)
  • bailey got a new doggie bed as an early christmas gift (to discourage her from jumping onto the chairs and couch), but she would rather lay there than on my lap. darn.
  • i have decided that i am no longer going to work at the boutique. it was an amazing experience, but i think i am ready for something new :) my bank account is thrilled, too!
sweater: uo, tank: lc for kohl's, jeans & moccasins: nordstrom, necklace: jcpenney
(can you tell i wasn't ready to ditch my sweatpants? this outfit is so comfortable!)
d's new vans! i think i need the girl version...

monday, please go by quickly! i am ready to go home and rest. happy monday everyone! xoxo.