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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

day seven

alarm went off promptly at 6:30am. i woke up, turned off alarm, and turned on light. then fell back asleep until 7, when i normally leave at 7:20. whoops.

i am very much missing my faraway friends today. i wanted to introduce you to a very special girlfriend, ah. we met at gonzaga and have been dear friends since our sophomore year. ah currently lives in north carolina where she works as a high school science teacher via teach for america. this girl is incredible. i could go on and on about her kindness, loyalty, intelligence, beauty etc. etc. today's challenge is for her :)

this picture was taken when she visited last summer! 
d and i pretending to be fierce hahaha
shirt: opal, vest: target (kids section!), jeans: nordstrom: shoes: dsw

whelp, we made it to the hump. finally. it is downhill from here folks! xoxo.