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Saturday, January 14, 2012

day ten

saturday, you have been very good to me :) sleeping in, pancakes for breakfast, a thrifting adventure, and a birthday dinner tonight with the girlfriends - i could not have asked for better.

getting to the little me
i was born in kansas city
my first word was "kitty"
i watched "the little mermaid" daily
i am the elder of my parents two children
i was called "the vegetable eater" at preschool because my favorite food was (and still is) peas
i wore the same minnie mouse dress/costume every day that it was clean

bottom left: a, middle: me, top right: c
(us in high school!!)

while i realize today's challenge is asking for a childhood picture of me, i seem to be having... ahem... technical difficulties with my picture messaging. thus, i am hoping a picture of (one of) my childhood room(s) will suffice. i was unable to download the picture my mama sent to me :( perhaps i can include it later in this month's challenge!? #photochallengefail. xoxo.