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Thursday, January 26, 2012

day twenty-two

i decided the modify "my reflection" today :)
i am thankful for my new blogging friends
i am thankful for coffee
i am thankful that i get to visit m in a few weeks
i am thankful for a rain jacket on days like today
i am thankful for red lipstick :)
i am thankful for loui for getting me to and from various places
i am thankful it is thursday
i am thankful for all of the delicious at treats trader joe's 
what are you thankful for?
{ oh my goodness. is my hair really that red?! }
shirt & pants: jcpenney, tank: nordstrom, shoes: macy's
i am also thankful for these phenomenal pants
$21 from jcpenney (and they feel like sweats!)

*thankful picture found here