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Sunday, January 8, 2012

holiday party 2012

last night m and i attended our office holiday party.
(we work for the same company, but i am in washington, while he works in san diego)
i wish i had taken more pictures, 
but here are a few to keep you apprised of the nights happenings :)
1. m ironing his shirt and looking adorable
2. i had a shoe crisis and made a pit stop during the car ride (m was not pleased)
3. we ate dinner with our friends
4. i danced (a lot) while m caught up with everyone - 
hence the lack of pictures from the actual party hehe
and 5. we had a midnight snack before heading home

all in all, it was a successful and immensely fun party!
i suppose this means the holidays are officially over...
until next year!