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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a new bakery, flowers, and book club tuesday

t-shirt: target, cardigan: thrifted, jeans: j brand, moccasins: nordstrom, 
purse: borrowed stolen from mom

i sent a message to my girlfriend yesterday that 
"tomorrow is the day i will strive to be more healthy."
you see, the stomach pains are back in full force....
likely due to my horrid eating habits, and addiction to chocolate chips and fro-yo.
however, at cafe umbria this morning (my first time there),
i could not resist their giant and perfectly glazed cinnamon roll.  
there's always tomorrow, right?

wishing i would have purchased flowers instead of the aforementioned treat...

i am quite excited for book club with the girlfriends tonight.
i baked chocolate truffle brownies
(courtesy of trader joe's).
we read "under the banner of heaven,"
however, i am only 40% finished...
thus i am of to read.