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Friday, June 22, 2012

a sad day

i drove to my parent's house this morning
and was greeted by this...
a giant "sold" sign :(
i've known their move was imminent,
but seeing that the house is (officially) no longer ours was disheartening. 
you see,
that house has been home for the past fourteen years.
and soon it will be home to a new family.
please excuse me while i go ponder this a bit...
perhaps i, too will join my brother's boycott and refuse to say goodbye. 


  1. How sad (but great at the same time)! We will (hopefully) be moving in the near future, and I just started actually THINKING about leaving this house. I will bawl, for sure. Such a bittersweet thing, sometimes.

  2. The same exact thing happened to me the summer before I left for college. It was a sad day realizing that the home I was raised in would soon "belong" to another family.