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Monday, July 2, 2012

sans makeup

...and this is what i look like most evenings.
i was attempting to write this week's article,
but was quite distracted by tom's roommate's adorable dog, ella.
i think i ask him 5+ times a day if i can keep her.
she is so very sweet.
bailey might get jealous...
or she could absolutely love having a new pup to play with!
(pictured above is what tom refers to as my "avatar" look.
it is an anti-stress dead sea mask - 
my attempts at trying to combat my current skin woes.)

this week's article details real life lessons i have learned as a nanny.
please check it out :)

*image found on google

1 comment:

  1. ha you look adorable...i always get shy taking off my makeup in front of my boyfriend, but he is so good at assuring how beautiful i am - those little reminders are what every girl needs :0) and p.s. i want a puppy soooo bad ha