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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

silliness, life lately & a bit of inspiration

oh how i love this little winged sweatshirt.
"tom, can i go to work at urbanspoon with you today?"
...his answer was absolutely not.
love this :)
"you have an iron?"
of course he does :) 
i own a costco-size bottle of downy wrinkle release spray. next best thing.
mmm dinner date with mom.
i want this as a tattoo! 
tom can cook!
he does not let me "cook" for him...
though he will let me bake and make a salad on occasion.
here's to getting through today so we can celebrate tomorrow! 
i am planning to 1. sleep in, 2. have a tasty breakfast, 3. wear a striped romper, and 4. go to a bbq with good friends :) 
what is on your agenda?

*images found here & on google


  1. Aren't boyfriends who cook just about the best thing, ever?! xo

    1. so cute! especially since i cannot cook at all :)

  2. You guys are just the cutest ever. SO happy to see you happy again. It seems like this guy is a million times better than the last :)

    And replying to your post on my blog. YES!!! A Meg and Meg vacation would be such a blast :)


    1. thanks meg! i am very happy :) yay for a vacation for the twin girls!

  3. Have a great holiday! My plans are to keep the doors and windows shut so my dog doesn't flip out over all the illegal fireworks my neighbors will be exploding!

  4. that food looks delicious. jealousy...