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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

silliness, life lately & a bit of inspiration

oh how i love this little winged sweatshirt.
"tom, can i go to work at urbanspoon with you today?"
...his answer was absolutely not.
love this :)
"you have an iron?"
of course he does :) 
i own a costco-size bottle of downy wrinkle release spray. next best thing.
mmm dinner date with mom.
i want this as a tattoo! 
tom can cook!
he does not let me "cook" for him...
though he will let me bake and make a salad on occasion.
here's to getting through today so we can celebrate tomorrow! 
i am planning to 1. sleep in, 2. have a tasty breakfast, 3. wear a striped romper, and 4. go to a bbq with good friends :) 
what is on your agenda?

*images found here & on google