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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

the longest of wednesday's

sweater: forever 21, scarf: nordstrom rack, boots & pants: thrifted

^^^ i thrifted these boots last week with this dress,
and i am in love ^^^

today was a very long day.
in fact, this week has been seemingly ridiculous.
sick staff, fussy toddlers, and the return from break
has made for a tumultuous work week. 
i thought yesterday was bad (i was particularly grumpy),
but today proved worse.

as i arrived at the bus this morning, 
i realized my wallet was not in my purse.
that meant no bus pass, no money for the bus, 
resulting in me having to drive to work.
parking cost me more than three trips to starbucks.
that was fun.
then i remembered the absurd amount of homework i still need to do.
and the fact that i will spend
the upcoming holiday weekend in class. 
24 hours of class to be exact;
talk about daunting.
alas, i should probably make a dent in my homework load.

i think i need a treat, however,
because thankfully i found my wallet.
ah yes, it was under the copious laundry and homework
piles i created in my room.
still unpacking from christmas and vacation and the week before vacation.
#procrastination at its finest.

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