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Sunday, February 9, 2014

a not so good day

friday was not a good day.
it started at 6:20am when i attempted running to catch the bus.
while sprinting, with copious bags on each arm,
i tripped on the sidewalk. 
i am not sure as to whether i slipped on ice or something on the pavement,
but it was bad, very bad.
i ripped my girlfriend, m's, jeans, scraped my hip and thigh, 
and cut my knee badly. 

after willing myself to get up, i reached for my phone
(located in my pocket) only to realize it was broken.
i walked home, cleaned up the blood, 
and drove to work.
before lunch, i again reached for my phone 
and cut my finger on the shards of glass that had become my screen.

by 5:00pm, i was done. i was hungry, 
exhausted, stressed, and in pain.
my saving grace? a new pink phone to replace my broken one,
and a dinner date with someone special.
sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference.


  1. We all have these days - well maybe not that day specifically (ouch!) - but bad days in general. The important thing is to keep your chin up and of course buy a new phone ;)

  2. Ouch. That totally blows! At least you get a nice shiny new pink phone. Girl after my own heart! (I still have an old straight up black 4. And I will keep going with it till I too destroy it!)