Sunday, August 24, 2014

a few tips and tricks to thrifting

^^^ several of the above items have been recently thrifted, including:
kimono and purse // romper // midi skirt ^^^

thrifting is quite possibly my favorite form of shopping.
whether goodwill, value village, or a funky consignment shop, 
the possibilities of what one may find when thrifting are endless!
while thrifting may seem futile, if you have the time 
and patience to scour the racks, i promise there is much to be found. 

a few of my favorite local thrift and consignment shops include:
** oh bella at 65th and roosevelt
** crossroads trading on university way
** goodwill on lake city way
** value village in ballard

where are your favorite thrift spots?

when thrifting, i find it best to enter a store open minded;
if i am looking for a particular item (such as a dress or grey sweater),
i may or may not find it.
it is more fun to pick through the racks (which requires patience)
for whatever treasures you may find. 
allow time to try on items, as sizes may fit differently. 
choose a particular section to begin with - 
whether skirts, tops, accessories, etc.
check items for tears, missing buttons or details, 
or stains that may not be washable. 
if the item passes these tests, it is ready to go home with you.

do you enjoy thrift shopping?
i find it allows me to stick to a budget, find unique pieces, 
and explore different stores and shops.