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Monday, October 20, 2014

revised: skin care routine

^^^ my newly revised skin care routine ^^^

step one: wash face with cerave hydrating cleanser, found here
step two: apply make a difference plus+ rejuvenating cream, available here
step three: apply makeup

previously, i would also use toner, the occasional face mask,
spot treatment, etc.

step one: remove makeup with simple cleansing wipes, found here
step two: wash face with cerave hydrating cleanser, found here
step three: apply cerave pm facial lotion, available here

i am a skin care addict. 
i love to wash and care for my skin, 
and strive to use products that are healthy, natural,
and will enhance my complexion. 
for the past few weeks, my skin has been horrible - 
itchy, red, inflamed, dry and painful.
i had to eliminate my toner, masks and other 
treatments i previously enjoyed using on my skin.
my doctor said "only the basics" when it comes to caring 
for my skin right now - at least until the inflammation subsides. 
do you have any products, treatments, or overall tricks
that are good for particularly sensitive skin?
if so, i am all ears!