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Monday, November 10, 2014

shoes, shoes and more shoes

dress: forever 21, sweater and necklace: nordstrom, 
tights: target, shoes: dansko

along with likely every other female reader of this little blog, 
i love shoes
if there is anything "lacking" in my closet,
my first thought would be "oh, shoes of course!"
i have boots and a handful of flats and moccasins, 
but nothing to offer good support for my feet.
i have been living in rain boots for the past several weeks
while walking around the city.
my back hurts, my knees ache, and my little feet are in so much PAIN.
thus, it was time to take the plunge -
purchase a pair of decent, supportive, and maybe not-the-cutest shoes.
after reading numerous reviews online,
i decided to go with the above dansko's.
i have been living in the dansko's since they came home with me,
and i must admit, they are growing on me.
and my feet are simply thrilled;
finally something supportive for them!

have you tried dansko shoes before?
is there another brand you would recommend?
this girl is all ears!