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Saturday, December 27, 2014

lusting after...

…at lika love
(an adorable fashion boutique, located in west seattle)
^^^ i will take that hat on the end please -
with the pink pom pom, of course ^^^
^^^ this little tunic and sweater are at the top of my wish list! ^^^
^^^ this sequined clutch is perfect for NYE, or any day really ^^^

after documenting my strong liking for the adorable
shop, lika love, the owner, malika, 
provided me with a part-time job at her boutique. 
i work sporadically, and not nearly as much as i would like. 
yet every time i go into the store, 
i want to take everything home with me.
above are a few of my current favorites!

for my local bloggers and friends, lika love is 
located in west seattle on california avenue. 
you should definitely stop in!