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Sunday, April 26, 2015


#lookoftheday shirt: zara, pants: h&m, flats: dsw,
hat: pacsun, rings: likalove and madewell, bracelets: forever 21

i am a sucker for quotes -
especially blog, fashion, (or anything comparable), related quotes.
i saw this zara #lookoftheday shirt this past weekend
and knew it had to come home with me. 

interesting fact about me? 
i don't currently own a full-length mirror. 
it makes getting dressed somewhat extremely difficult. 
if i stand on the ledge of the shower, and crouch down
(leaning to the left), i can kind of see my 
entire body in the bathroom mirror - 
it is hit or miss, however.
i mention this because i might have actually worn 
different pants or shoes with this top, 
had a full-length mirror been accessible. 
perhaps gold shoes would have been more exciting? 
irregardless of the outfit, 
i believe a mirror is essential in this household. 

i hope you had a wonderful weekend! 
i babysat some of my favorite kiddos and spent today
both studying and relaxing.
will and i ran a few errands, too.
thank you again for visiting this little blog.