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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

innovative ways to display your favorite clothes // guest post!

By Hannah West

Are you a style junkie? Short on closet space? Both? If so, making the wardrobe you’re so proud of part of your decor may be the perfect way to conserve some needed storage room while adding a bit of personality to your living space. Modernize has some great examples of how clothes and accessories can contribute to a room’s aesthetic—and make it easier to pick out an outfit each day.

Open Wardrobe
Via Modernize

There’s no mysterious land in this wardrobe! Just a few classic dresses and stylish high heels. Instead of stuffing your clothes into a closet, show them off with a beautiful piece of furniture. The mix of open and hidden storage in this wardrobe makes it perfect for displaying your favorite outfits without letting it all hang out.

Shoe Display

Via Modernize

Even people who aren’t obsessed with buying shoes still seem to find themselves with a couple dozen great pairs. Putting them on shelves or a shoe ladder keeps them from getting scuffed and misshapen, and the result is a boutique-style display that looks like it popped straight out of a movie. For extra fun, paint the wall behind your shelves a bright hue or arrange your selection by color. If you’re putting in the shelving yourself, don’t forget to make the bottom shelf bigger to make room for fall boots!

Transparent Closet Doors
Via Modernize

Nothing keeps you motivated to stay organized like a view straight into your closet! Whether your wardrobe is sleek and minimalistic or colorful and eclectic, glass doors can make it an eye-catching part of your room. Choose smoky doors for a mysterious, modern look and glass doors for something a little more classic.

Open Storage
Via Modernize

Who said there has to be doors on your closet at all? Unless you haven’t gotten rid of anything since the turn of the century, putting your closet right out there in your bedroom can actually be a pretty handy storage and decor hack. You can make a clothes rack out of almost anything you please, from a tree branch to an industrial-looking pipe. If open shelving is your only option, you can make even folded clothes look decorative by arranging them by color or storing them in matching boxes on the shelves.


thank you, hannah for the special guest post! 
i think it's safe to say that you've inspired me to do a bit
of closet rearranging (and decorating!).
i might have to share my progress on this little blog.

thank you again!