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Saturday, September 12, 2015

nude lipstick and palm trees

palm tree dress: no rest for bridget, sandals: birkenstock, 
bracelets: pink fitbit band & turquioise 31bits, sunnies: forever 21

when looking through these photos, 
i kept thinking to myself, 'why does my face look so strange?!'
and then i realized - it's the nude lipstick i'm wearing.
it looks like i don't have any lips! 

before visiting california last week, 
i wanted to stock up on a few beauty essentials.
i picked up conditioner, face wipes, and wanted to try 
a new shade of lipstick. i have seen several bloggers
and beauty babes wearing 'nude' lipstick as of late
and wanted to try one, too!
i stopped by my trusty m.a.c counter and asked one of the women
to help me find a shade of nude that complimented 
my lips and skin tone. 
my lips are naturally very dark, in fact, 
i have a difficult time finding lipsticks that are dark
and pigmented enough to show up on my lips.
when looking for a neutral color, such as nude, it proved to 
be even more tricky. the woman at m.a.c said, 'these
colors aren't showing up because of whatever shade
you came in wearing. you need to wipe it off.'
uh, those are just my lips! 

we finally found a color that seemingly worked, 
m.a.c kinda sexy matte lipstick. in theory, 
i love the color; however, i don't think this particular 
shade looks good on me, especially in photos. oh well, 
perhaps i just need to swap it out for a different shade :) 

have you ever tried a beauty trend that just didn't work for you?