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Monday, September 7, 2015

snapshots from balboa island

^^^ while in california, will and i made sure to visit 
balboa island - a quaint island with much to do:
shopping, biking, water sports, parasailing, copious restaurants, 
fishing, and vacation homes galore! ^^^
^^^ can you imagine living here? the views were gorgeous! ^^^
^^^ the island is particularly known for their candy (salt water taffy especially!), 
balboa bars, and the frozen bananas ^^^
^^^ the island is incredibly quiet, yet active! i sure wouldn't mind
living or spending the summer in one of these gorgeous homes! ^^^
^^^ this is the house will's mom grew up in. it is lovely! ^^^

we spent the morning exploring and enjoying the beautiful 
island scenery. unfortunately, we ate a large breakfast 
before visiting balboa island, so we did not indulge in a frozen 
banana or ice cream bar - however, i have heard
both are incredible! next time, we must
come ready, with empty stomaches :) 

california, you were good to us; i miss you already!