Thursday, October 29, 2015

this blogging thing

sweater & pants: old navy (pants similar here), t-shirt: nordstrom rack,
shoes: vans (exact here)

this blogging thing. it can be rough.
i have been blogging at 'diary of this girl' for four years now;
where has the time gone?! (you can read my very first post here!)
now, don't worry, i'm not going anywhere. 
blogging is an immense passion of mine. 
as is fashion. and writing. thrifting. shopping. and pretty much 
anything and everything i share on my little corner of the internet. 

since starting my blog, i have always compared my writing,
the photos i post, and the outfits i wear to fellow fashion and lifestyle 
bloggers. i always aspire to do better. to be better. 
to create something unique and genuine, but to do so in 
a superior way -
perhaps that isn't fair as those bloggers have been 
doin' their thing for longer. they have more experience, 
more time to dedicate, and more knowledge of the blogging process.
yet i envy them.
'if only i had that camera'; 'if only i had that outfit';
'if only i could look better' are thoughts that often run through 
my head when reading other blogs.

i hope this blog continues to grow, 
but more importantly, i want it to continue to be a creative outlet for me.
if it doesn't grow, i hope my passion for writing 
(and sharing my appreciation for fashion) never dwindles. 
and to those of you who read this blog, thank you!