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Monday, March 14, 2016

a birthday weekend

^^^ a few photos from my iPhone as of late ^^^
this past weekend, i celebrated my 28th birthday!
i took an extra day off from work, slept in, had my hair cut, and 
indulged in far too many donuts, cookies, and several pieces of chocolate cake;
any semblance of healthy eating went out the window (as it should, right?!). 

my coworkers spoiled me with dessert, gorgeous spring flowers,
and a canvas painting that is decorated with the handprints of each of
the toddlers in my class (it's pictured above, and i cannot stop smiling
each time i look at it). being a toddler teacher can be difficult at times, but 
incredibly rewarding, too! i often wish they would listen better, clean up 
after themselves, and walk in the classroom, but i couldn't be happier to spend each 
day with them. i absolutely love the painting they made for me :) 

27, you've been good to me! 
i started a new job, spent a great deal of time with friends and family, 
traveled to tennessee, california, and hawaii, 
and pursued my passions for both writing and fashion on this little blog.
as far as other less exciting // unsubstantial milestones, 
i discovered a love for smoothies (green juice no longer tastes like grass!)
and stopped biting my nails. sometimes you have to celebrate and recognize
the small accomplishments, right? 

thank you to everyone who helped me to celebrate my birthday this year;
you sure know how to make a girl feel loved!
and 28, i can't wait to see what's in store.

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