Tuesday, August 8, 2017

summertime office attire

getting dressed for work during the
summer months is the ultimate balancing act;
  you want to wear summer tops, skirts, and
dresses, but they may be too casual in a
corporate setting. or perhaps your
office is overly air-conditioned (like mine!),
and you freeze when wearing light-weight pieces.
either way, i find it takes much longer
to find something to wear (and ensure i have
enough layers) during the work week.
i usually prefer skirts and dresses. 
i have more dresses than pants, and i like to
look both feminine and polished. however, there
are days (particularly when i am overly tired or the 
weather is less than ideal) where i would rather dress 
casually. bring on the denim!
unfortunately, i can only wear blue denim on fridays
 per our office dress code. i have
sought to find slacks, dress pants, and other
bottoms that are professional, yet age appropriate.
culottes are the perfect solution!
the green culottes i am wearing today feel
like denim; they are soft and stretchy, but provide
some structure (unlike a cotton culotte). this
particular pair is high waisted which allows
blouses and other tops to be easily tucked in.
when commuting to and from work,
i carry a tote bag or large purse. the more room,
the better! i pack a snack, lunch items, my
wallet, several chapsticks, and a water bottle;
i often look and feel like a 'bag-lady.'
however, when meeting up with a friend for
coffee post-work, i don't want to lug around a
large bag. this adorable pizza purse
added color and excitement to my otherwise
neutral outfit.

have you seen the cute
creature, fruit, and other fun-shaped handbags?
i often browse the girls' department
at zara, nordstrom, and j.crew because they
have the most adorable (and affordable) accessories!
my pizza purse was recently on sale at zara.
i initially felt a bit silly when carrying it to a
restaurant, but it was too fun to leave at home.
photos by karya schanilec photography

t-shirt: gap (exact here),
culottes: gap (on sale for $10; similar here),
purse: zara, mules: consignmnet (via serendipity),
bracelets: urban outfitters and alex and ani,
rings: endless knot

what do you typically wear during the
work week? is your office on the casual side?
i am always looking for style tips!