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Monday, October 24, 2011

this week:

keeping my fingers crossed that this week goes by quickly because... on friday i am going to visit m in san diego! i think i am going to pack tonight after work - you never can be too prepared :) a few items that simply must come with me:
  • m's b-prize - i promise to take a picture of him upon receiving it so everyone can see
  • the people's liberation jeans i got at plato's closet for $12 when i sold half my closet last weekend :)
  • a new dress from (fingers crossed it comes on time)
  • my next book for book club: let the great world spin by colum mccann (i haven't started this yet, but k told me it is incredible!)
this week will be filled with work, babysitting m's cousin, more work, trying to squeeze in a workout or two, packing (!!!!!), and last but not least, a celebration for all of the camp erin volunteers. k and n, i cannot wait to see you!

can i please show you what i found while looking online at wiener dog costumes?

a wiener dog lamp!
m, if you were in search of the best christmas present of all time, here it is:

godspeed monday-friday! xoxo.