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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ahoy tuesday!

rain, rain go away.

this morning, both loui (my car) and i nearly drowned because of the current torrential downpour; the roads are treacherous! i forgot i had parked loui down the street last night, so i meandered all over the place looking for him (in the monsoon). i finally found him two blocks down the street, sprinted, turned him on, and...
loui is a gas guzzling fiend

i filled him up next to a lady who i think actually coughed up a lung (or so it seemed) and blasted the heat trying to dry off. never mind that i look like a wet dog today...
shirt: opal, vest: nordstrom, jeans, necklace & shoes: nordstrom rack

quick pic session dialogue:
me: "okay, ready!"
d: "cute. what do you think? let me guess... 'no, we need another one'..."
me: "oh dear. yes, we need another one."
d: sighhhh
god bless him for dealing with me :) xoxo.