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Monday, November 21, 2011

status update:

i think i have a case of the mondays': tired, sad, irritable, not motivated, etc. i thought a pumpkin latte would be the cure-all, alas, it was not.

here is a quick little blog post to keep you apprised of what i am up to :)

what am i listening to?
blue october - congratulations

what am i wearing?
denim jacket, scarf & leggings: f21, t-shirt & shoes: nordstrom
hello kitty for f21

what is one goal i have this week?
be less grumpy :)

what is something i am looking forward to?
  • m getting here on wednesday!!!!!!!!!
  • sleeping in
  • the girlfriends coming home
  • catching up on my laundry
  • giving bailey her doggie thanksgiving platter - wait until you see this :)
  • m taking me out for frozen yogurt (m, will you take me, please?)
(i suppose that list is a bit long, but i am immensely excited about the aforementioned items). xoxo.