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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

shopping with a fashionista

(please don't mind the mini-blog makeover. it is a definite work in progress as i learn the ins and outs of the blogging world. i am not technologically savvy, so if anyone has suggestions/tips, please help!)

one of my favorite girlfriends, ag, is a genuine fashionista. she is extremely well dressed; whether i see her sunday morning, or after a long day at work, ag looks polished, fashionable, and i (almost always) beg to borrow her wardrobe. i asked her to share a few tips with fellow shoppers and bloggers. ag particularly loves to shop at f21, and here is how she believes she is successful:

"usually i got to f21 when i don't have anything specific in mind. it is usually hard to find something specific, and you leave feeling disappointed. for me, f21 is the kind of place i go when i need a dress for a birthday or a cute top for going out."

"when i am ready to try things on, i typically make 2-3 trips to the dressing room. there is no way you can carry everything you find around for that long! when my arms feel tired/full, i know it is time to hit the dressing room."

"the different 'themed' rooms [in f21] helps show a variety of items, and i try to look through each room thoroughly before going to the next."

"i just started buying my black and white under-tanks at f21. they are only $2.80 and are long and wash well."

"this sounds like a crazy process, but i think looking around thoroughly, and trying on a number of things is how i usually find stuff."

here are a few recently purchased items:

i have seen both dresses on her, and they look phenomenal :) thank you again for sharing, ag! for more shopping tips, or if you would like to share your shopping secrets, feel free to comment or email me! xoxo.