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Thursday, December 1, 2011

happy hippie

d: "i like your outfit today, mowg!"
me: "thanks muffin, this is my hippie outfit."
d: "your what?"
me: "my hippie outfit. don't i look like a hippie?"
d: "...oh."
bless his heart :)
shirt, vest & jeans: nordstrom, necklace: f21, shoes: dsw
i love feathers

i have decided that in order to kick this cold/flu, i need to make a few lifestyle changes...
  • try to eat mostly organic food items - trader joes, you can help with this
  • return to my former gym routine
  • keep cookies, ice cream, and other baked goods to a minimum
  • sleep more so that i complain less :)
  • reduce stress levels by eating healthier, working out, and practicing yoga on my computer (did you know hulu offers yoga videos? who knew!)
ahem... here is a perfect example of why this lifestyle change needs to happen...

last night as i was headed to the gym, instead of turning left into the gym parking lot, i continued going straight. i quickly found a parking spot and raced to this:
strawberry + cookies & cream frozen yogurt + my body weight's worth of chocolate chips = delicious!

oh well. small changes. xoxo.