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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

guest post

hello readers! this is megan's best friend, a.

i read this blog daily and am excited to share my own post here! one thing megan and i do every morning (without fail) is text each other what we are wearing... is that strange? we don't think so :) i know for me at least, it gives me ideas on how to put things together, wear items i own in a different way, and we both envy the other's wardrobe - thus we share... a lot...

here is one of my favorite pictures of megan and me:
megan, me, and my mom, d
my outfit: dress: uo, bandeau (which sadly you cannot see): hanky panky, necklace: nordstrom

the three of us were at a house warming party for some of our high school friends that recently moved in together in seattle. my mom and t (my dad) made an appearance! it was awesome to have both family and girlfriends around to celebrate :)

p.s. i am in love with my mom's dress in this picture (megan wanted to borrow it, too)! i don't know if this is the case for most people, but i swear my mom is sometimes more fashionable than me... somehow she always knows about sales (well before i do). mom, thank you for passing on your love (addiction) for shopping. it is definitely something i inherited! xoxo, a.