Sunday, December 4, 2011

late night blogger edition

trying to get dressed for work this morning was near impossible because both clean and dirty laundry was scattered everywhere, i was out of hangers, leaving me nowhere to hang clean items, and there seemed to be too much hanging that never gets worn. i told m i was going to attempt to get rid of 1/3 of my closet... while that may have been slightly overzealous, i think i was relatively successful. i now have enough space to hang what needs to be hung, and fold (not shove) items into drawers. i also have two large bags that i would like to sell to plato's closet (i know, i am a broke shopaholic), and the rest i promise to donate! here are a few pictures to keep you entertained.
alas, a bit of organization :)
...would have been better if i had some 'before' pictures
extra hangers = proof of the purge
(mom, there were more, but i decided to hang up my coats instead of draping them on my bed/every free chair in the apartment)

blasting pandora and trying on items made this immensely more enjoyable. is your closet in need of some organization?

good night everyone! xoxo.