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Monday, December 5, 2011

a colorful monday

i suppose when my dad told me to get an ice scraper for loui (my car) a few weeks back, i should have listened... it took him a solid ten minutes to unfreeze this morning, and when he was finally drivable, he slid all the way down my street. karma for me not vacuuming him?
sweater: f21/borrowed from my roommate, shorts & tights: lc for khols, shoes: dsw, necklace: ann taylor loft

hehe my coworker, c, asked if i was wearing a skort. i love her. nope, these little guys are shorts! i highly recommend the shorts + tights combination. it feels as though you are wearing pajamas if you get thick-enough tights, when in fact, you are 100% work appropriate (depending on the length of the shorts of course)! xoxo.