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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


my. worst. nightmare.

d and i went for a walk during lunch yesterday and passed this... for some reason, i am absolutely terrified of birds. i fear when they fly over me, when they wobble towards me, when they poop on loui, etc. etc. eeeek! needless to say, i was freaking out during our walk :)
dress: thrifted, tights & boots: macy's, necklace: nordstrom rack

this dress reminds me of hospital scrubs, but boy is it comfortable!? i think it is also water-resistant because i spilt cereal all down the front, but you cannot tell. i love the bright magenta color :)

remember when i cleaned out my closet earlier this week? i attempted to sell two bags of clothing (shirts, sweaters, a few dresses, etc.). would you like to know how much i received for them? $10. that is enough for two pumpkin lattes. depressing. girlfriends, would you like to go through them? i think the clothing items are much cuter/worth more than $10 :) xoxo.