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Thursday, December 29, 2011

so happy!

oh my goodness, oh my goodness! today i get to see two of my very best girlfriends! they are in town for the holidays :) both k (skinny mini) and h (heavier) live in new orleans. they are doing incredible work building houses, teaching, volunteering, and inspiring others with their admirable work ethic. i wish, more than anything, that i could be there with them. since graduating, we have only been able to see each other once a year; this is utterly insufficient considering we previously lived in the same building at school and were only few doors down from one another :(
this is the three of us exactly one year ago! 
skinny mini, me & heavier
(pardon my crummy cell phone picture)
coffee run this morning with m
he is so handsome! 
shirt & moccasins: nordstrom, jeans: american eagle

i am ready to be back in my apartment where i have a full length mirror (not the best outfit combination today hehe), my jewelry, and do not have to dig through wrinkled items in my trunk (my trunk = my closet currently). 

on a slightly different note, last night was crazy! i went to dinner at m's mom's house. we were doing the dishes and starting a movie when the power suddenly went out. it was extremely windy, so m assumed a tree had fallen down. sure enough, at the very top of his mom's driveway, a giant tree was down. we stayed until the fire department came and he was tired of my begging for frozen yogurt :)
cake batter + dulce de leche + pistachio = random, but delicious!