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Monday, January 23, 2012

day nineteen

i am changing up the order of my challenge a tiny bit because i wanted to share with you the craft project i did with my mama yesterday. we cut up a dress i was going to donate and made this:
i followed this tutorial :) 
it was both easy and fun! 
mine looks a bit different, but it works for me 
dress: uo, tights: f21, boots: dsw, scarf: mine!
tree scarves!
the. sun. is. out. in. seattle. 
so pretty!

it is hard to believe that the weekend is over, monday is here, and we have a full work week to get through! i am hoping to visit some of the girlfriends this week, as i did not see them over the weekend. 

i just had to purchase new license tags for loui. he is so expensive! i guess this is what adulthood entails... boring and expensive purchases... he also needs gas, air in his tires, and a bath - desperately! i think the tags were enough for today. the rest can wait :) xoxo.