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Friday, January 20, 2012

day sixteen

alas, the snow is melting, the wind has died down, and i am back at work :) my daily photo challenge continues, as today's post depicts "my morning". for me, morning is not complete without breakfast. i eat breakfast at work because if i eat before driving here, i am hungry by 9am. then i end up snacking or eating yet another breakfast. here was my morning treat:
frozen waffles - delicious! 
t-shirt: nordstrom, sweater: delia's, necklace: thrifted ($1.99!)
my favorite part of today's outfit?
BOOTS! (steve madden via dsw)
(i do not have a tripod, so i could not get a full outfit shot for you. my apologies!)

i should have worn rain boots today as the roads are a brown, slushy mess. oh well hehe. what all do you have planned for the weekend? mine will be fairly low key... tomorrow i am going wine tasting for my very first time! i am very excited. this weekend might be somewhat strange because i typically babysit, but do not currently have anything scheduled. what will i do with this strange phenomenon called free time?! xoxo.