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Thursday, January 19, 2012

diary of a doggie

let me tell you, for a little pooch like me, it is very difficult to get around outside in this snow. i have spent most of my time either snuggled up with someone in my family, or here...
my favorite spot: in front of the fire, under my blanket, and next to all of my toys
(yes, that is a plush corn on the cob and baked potato)

however, when mom let me outside today, she had to somewhat throw me out the back door and off of the porch steps. initially, i was furious because the snow is taller than me! and with my belly so low to the ground, i get sopping wet when i go outside. then... i saw something... a bird... most birds fly far away when they see me because i bark quite loudly. this one didn't move! nor did it fly. after a minute or so of staring intently at one another, the bird hopped away into a nearby bush.  despite the cold, i was determined to chase after the little guy. i bunny hopped through the snow over to the bush and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed... to no avail. the bird got away... this time... he may be hiding now, but i am determined to find it. i suppose i will let it be for the time being, while i go inside with mom to warm up. xoxo, bailey.