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Thursday, July 19, 2012

high-low dresses

dress: macy's, flip flops: havaianas, bracelets: f21 & ann taylor loft
i love this little high-low dress and the car i found.
shhh loui will be jealous. 
(to spite me, a bird will probably poo on his clean exterior)

i currently have a black eye. 
i was playing with the munchkin last night -
we were having a sleepover/fort building night on the couch.
all of a sudden, her forehead was in my eye.
my black eye is bad, but you should see her wound... poor munchkin.
(fear not, we iced our owies, and she is wearing a stunning fairy bandaid)

in other news, i am in trouble.
on restriction in fact...
from all forms of shopping and spending unnecessary money.
mom is not happy with me.
she also received my teeny tiny toll bill.
i thought she might confuse my bill with that of my brother, 
but no luck.
looks like i will be working like a maniac to fix my financial woes. 
bad megan.



  1. Love your dress pretty lady! Great pics!


  2. YIkes! Sorry about the black eye! Your dress is cute, though!

  3. loving that car and your dress.


  4. LOVE that dress! That color looks so good on you! (it may even match your black eye?)