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Thursday, July 19, 2012

4 trends for summer shoes {a guest post}

readers, here is a special guest post just for you :) thank you, brooke! 
Author Brian Koslow once said, “Always wear expensive shoes. People notice.” Maybe they don’t have to be expensive, but you should always wear cute shoes, especially during the summer. Before you bust out the skirts, shorts and capris this summer, take a look at your shoe selection. Keep reading to see if you’ve got this summer’s must-haves and if you know how to rock them.
Bright, Bold Colors
Color is always a trend in summer fashions, and this year it’s a nod to the ’80s with neon yellows and bright shades of purple. Color adds flair to casual canvas shoes, sneakers and simple deck shoes, and bold appeal to dressy sandals. Wear brightly colored shoes to add interest to a mostly neutral-colored outfit; matching acid-yellow shoes with an acid-yellow dress may have you looking like sickly banana.
Must-Have Sandals
Sandals are a summer shoe staple, but with so many styles it’s hard for a girl to know what to wear. The absolute number one sandal to have in your closet this summer is an embellished flat. Whether you like gladiator style or sexy and strappy, choose a pair of flat sandals that are bejeweled with crystals, beads or natural-looking stones. Wear embellished flats with nearly everything. Because they’re flat, they’re casual enough for shorts and jeans, but because they’re embellished, they’re formal enough for skirts and dresses.
Sexy Wedges
The ’70s-inspired wedge was a big hit last year and continues to be a hot trend this summer. Summer wedges combine the best of sandals, heels and espadrilles to create a comfortable shoe that takes you from the beach to dinner to a night of dancing in the club. Wear them with long, flowing dresses or skirts, walking shorts or capris. Wedges show off your calf muscles and make your legs look great without the discomfort of a traditional high heel.
Material Girl
This summer, shoes made from natural materials are in. Aside from leather, canvas, woven grass and wood are showing up in the trendiest window displays and on the feet of famous fashionistas. Natural materials are perfect for summer shoes because they’re light, breathable, easy to care for and casual, like most of your summer wardrobe. Wear shoes made from natural materials with everything except your dressiest dresses. But even this rule has an exception; have you seen those sexy designer shoes made from cork?
Remember to keep your look classy by following a general rule about heel height: The shorter the skirt, the lower the heel should be. No matter which type of summer shoe is your favorite, this season’s trends are going to focus a lot of attention on your feet, so head down to the salon for a pedicure before stepping out in those sweet summer kicks. 
darn being on shopping restriction... i want to try all of these... :) 

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