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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

newly thrifted

i had forgotten how successful (and fulfilling,
and ideal for my bank account) thrift shopping can be.
i recently went to value village, 
oh bella, and buffalo exchange to peak through 
their previously owned items. 
to my credit,
when i visited value village, i went with the intention
of purchasing books and stuffed animals for my classroom.
i may or may not have come home with a few treats for myself.
but for such an affordable price,
i don't think you'll be too upset with me.
here are a few items i found:
^^^ edme & esyllte blouse
value village, priced at $7.99 ^^^
^^^ free people skirt 
buffalo exchange, priced at $9 (on sale) ^^^
^^^ free people tank
oh bella consignment, priced at $12 ^^^
^^^ splendid top
value village, priced at $8.99 ^^^

when my bank account recovers, 
from purchasing the aforementioned clothing pieces, groceries,
copious items for my classroom,
and stocking up on everything i did not need at the recent gap sale,
i might have to go back.

thrifting is truly an adventure.
it requires both time and patience,
but if you are willing and able to look through numerous racks of clothing,
i am sure you will come home with something
(or maybe many somethings). 

i am hoping to share photos 
of me actually wearing these items.
waking up at 5:30 AM
and arriving home at 5 PM or later 
is not great for my hair, skin and outfits.
i come home looking comparable to shrek.


  1. Great finds, Megan! Where is Oh Bella Consignment located? I haven't been there yet.


  2. amanda, thank you! oh bella is located near the u-district on roosevelt and 65th street. it is a small store, so it's possible to miss. i love going in there though!